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heading to a financial diaster
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Taffythepit - November 21

I have been on autopilot, for along time now.
I have all the classic illnesses related to fibro.
pain, fatigue, visual disturbances, depression, anxiety, decreased cogintive memory, sensitivity to heat, and the god awful balance disorder, migraines
When I stand up I feel like I am going to passout. Working is (was) some sort of distraction to the pain......needless to say there was no quality of life, but I had a paycheck. I registered today with Allsup...I have to see the doctor, the anxiety, depression, fear are too much to handle now. I need something to help me get through rough period,without having a nervous breakdown. I see Dr Robbins, a Neurologist who specializes in migranes, and fibro...up to now I have worked full time...I am not sure what he will say about disablity...everthing depends on him....I need to get a routine going to get me out of this I am I going to work full time, with no skills...employers want younger more computer savy people. I could take some computer classes, but the fibro fog would make that impossible. Noone will want a full time unskilled data entry clerk who is 58 with fibro...I will not have health insurance...I thought life sucked before the financially I will devesated. I need to get out of the house, but I dont want to spend any money, because things can get bad really quick. I cant sleep, dont have an appetite, cant concentrate, and all I do is worry.

Sorry about the rant, I am feeling sorry for myself....After 25 years of fibro, one would think I could handle the stress coping skills are not good. This is my first layoff ever. This sucks


kvc33 - November 22

You are going through a hard transition right now but I believe you can adjust if you start with some basics. First of all you must make sure you eat regularly even if you don't feel like it. Secondly you need to work off those stress chemicals by going for short walks. At night you must learn to put your worries aside so that you can sleep. Write them down and then tell yourself that you are done with them for the day. Listen to a relaxation tape to help you get to sleep. Worrying will not make anything better and you need to trust that things will work out. Go out for coffee for a cheap thing to do to get out of the house. I like to go to the dollar store and shop because I get to buy a few little things for little money. Go to the library and get some books on dealing with anxiety and depression and they will be your little friends.



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