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steph - January 20

have had a headache now for a week-dr said stress-i have fibromyalgia, could this be my headache ?


Jean - January 5

Hi Steph: Fibromyalgia can cause headaches. Vision problems can cause headaches. I would suggest to keep a headache journal as to what you were doing or eating that day and on what side of the head or all over or just in front or maybe a sinus headache. It could be anything so we will need to rule out what type of headaches you are getting. If they become worse and you can't stand it you may want to talk to your doctor about it.


Jo - January 5

When my FM is under control, so are my headaches. 90% of my migraines were a result of FM. However, I'm currently experiencing a lot of headaches and facial pain with a recent flare-up of FM. My research indicates that there are several tender points or trigger points in our faces, necks, shoulders that cause headaches and aches of all sorts. Keeping a journal of each type of pain and where it is will be helpful. The following weblink may also be of help in determining where your pain source is and/or for talking with your doctor:

I have an appt. with my Dr. on Monday and plan to take in a printout of the web article - hightlighting the areas I also experience. There can be so many symptoms or areas of pain I can easily forget what to talk about when I get to the Dr. office. A journal or article will help you articulate what you need.

Best of luck!

From my experience, neurologists want to treat the headache, not the source of the pain. Be sure you see your FM doctor about your head pain, they will better understand how to treat it. I went from 12 migraines per month to about six a year as a result of seeing an FM doctor after I was diagnosed (the neurologist thought I was making it up, sent me to a pain clinic where I was diagnosed with FM).


steph - January 20

thank ya'll for your replies.after 2 weeks with this headache, my dr put me on topamax.i've been taking it now for 10 days. my headaches are getting better, they are not all day long now- just an ache so often.i do feel dizzy. dr said i would til my body adjusted to the topamax.the headaches are not completely gone, but better.i did start a diary also.i also plan to visit the weblink jo suggested.thank you both. steph


Jean - January 20

Hi Steph; I'm glad your headaches are getting better but if they keep persisting ask your doctor about a CT Scan you may have another underlying condition that has not been caught yet.



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