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Cassie - December 6

I have been having headaches for quite some time now and after suffering for 2 years with aweful aches and pains through my body but mostly thigh and hip pain I was finally told by a chiropractor that I probably have fibromyalgia. She said that Fibromyalgia is a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Has anyone else heard this? I am taking a boat load of vitamins including Magnesium Malate which I think has helped me quite a bit. I am also taking an antioxidant called Glisodin that I went off of for a few days and i had another flare up. This might help someone who has it too. Anyway my question was, does FM affect your site and eye muscles? I went to the eye dr because of the headaches and blurry vision and got my eyes checked and they said that i had a change. So i got the new prescription and they seemed strong at first but i knew i had to get used to them.. Now after about a month wearing them with better sight and less headaches it seems I am back in the same predicament with the headaches and blurry vision... It almost seems like my eye balls are achey and around my eyebrows and jaw.. Does anyone else have this??
Thanks a lot guys.. I've been dealing with this for so long on my own so I am full of questions. I am looking into getting some kind of medical aid to help me pay for a rheumatologist to make sure if i have this or not. MS runs in my family so I would like to rule that out too. I will probably have more questions later for you guys who have had this longer than me but i'll leave it at this for now..
Thanks a lot!!


Jean - November 20

Hi Cassie: Yes, Fibromyalgia will affect your eye muscles. Ask your eye doctor to try prism like lences, I say this because my eyes were not getting use to the prescription and I went through 7 eye doctors and 7 differenet prescriptions. Finally, on the last eye exam I was unable to finish the eye test because my vision went double. Diplopia, in which case made me nervous about MS but they can let you know if you have lesions on the optic nerve. My doctor put my prescritption in a prism since the mucles do not work together like they should. I had no lesions but it is still worrisome.


Christina - December 5

I had headaches just like that for over 9 months. I was told I have Fibromyalgia almost 2 years ago. I always had headaches right on my eyebrows and my eyes ached with double vision. If I just touched my eyebrows they would hurt. I started getting double vision, my eye prescription went up twice in one year and my jaw always ached. Finally after a while it started to let up and I haven't had the headaches in about 4 months. No matter what I tried I couldn't get them to go away and then they just vanished on there own just like all of my mysterious Fibro pains.


Jean - December 6

Hi Cassie: First I would get MS ruled out since it does run in your family. Yes, Fibromyalgia will affect the eyes with blurring and double vision. Also your eye doctor would be able to tell if there are any lesion around the optic nerve if you have contracted MS. However, it sometimes takes a long time for MS to appear. So I know your a little stressed out over this and it would be good to keep a diary of your aches and pains and eye involements to help your doctors make a determination. Hope I could help. Take Care.



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