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headache that wont go away
19 Replies
chaplin - July 16

Have any of you have a headache that literally wont go away? I am going on day 8. I am taking meloxicam 15 mg daily as needed (for joint pain), pantoloc 40 mg daily (for stomach pain), synthyroid .075 mg daily, amitritptyline 50 mg at bedtime, cymbalta 60 mg at bedtime, tylenol 3's as needed - trying to buff the headaches.
I saw my dr. today and he is stumped. I can get a bit of relief - but the headache will not totally go away. I go to bed with it and wake up with it. Movement makes it worse. I am dizzy and have been for a long time now. I saw a neurologist yesterday and he says I am not ill neurogicaly - nice to know. My dr. is sending me for an MRI and I had a CT scan in January that came back clear. I know that headaches are one of our problems but I tried tramacet and it wont help either. any suggestions would be great. I am looking into the pain clinic in my area but would like some help before then.


iliveinpain - July 16

Hi Chaplin

I feel so bad for you. Of all of our many many symptoms, I think headaches are the absolute worst!!

Are you sure you aren't having migraines or a rebound headache from too much medication?

When I get really bad headaches, the only thing that helps me, believe it or not, is good old regular Bayer aspirin, 1000 mg and I go to bed and lie down in a dark room with an ice pack on my head, and I'll put the ice on the back of my neck for 15 minutes at a time. Times like that I wish I had an ice helmet. Also, maybe your headache is referred pain from your neck or shoulders/upper back area? I know that's what mine are very frequently, and the only thing that will eventually get rid of that is a good massage to break up all the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Anyway, it works for me... Hope you're better soon!!


tnichel - July 16

I've suffered bad headaches most of my life and always had some type of tension in my head even if it wasn't a full blown headache. For the longest my docs thought it was allergies. I now take a headache medicine every night at bedtime and I rarely have headaches now. It's called tinazidine and it was prescribed by my pain management doctor. I didn't even know it was a major problem until I started the meds and the tension went away. Most of it originates from the tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back. TMJ can also cause tension and headaches. You may want to ask your doctor about it. I started on 50mlg and now take 100mlg/per night. It really does work.

And try using a heating pad on your neck at night. Also google neck,shoulder massages. I massage my neck and shoulder muscles at night to release some of the tension. check if you have nots at the base of your neck on both sides. If the area is really tender or hard... that's where you need to be massages and trying to loosen up the knos. Also google TMJ exercises.

I'm also on amy and cymbalta...otc pain meds do not work for me and it sounds like they do nothing for you. Also, I use tramadol er (pain med). I take it in the morning as a maintenance pain med to help get thru the day. You may really want to give a pain management doc a shot. My rheumy and primary physician didn't want me to but he's really helped me and I don't think he's gone overboard with the meds. He listened to my complaints and found my major problems areas. Their job is to help control your overall pain instead of each individual issue. As he explained it to me, he needed to get both my ibs and fms under control at once by using meds that could treat both instead of having me on so many different meds. I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job at explaining that but if you have any more question let me know. It sounds like we have similar symptoms. I really do feel much better and can get thru my days w/o being so miserable. Good luck!


Fantod - July 17

You could be having what are called rebound headaches from too much medication. People with migranes get this particular type of headache. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of them is to detox and get off of everything that you are currently taking and start over.

How about finding a doctor who specializes in headaches. There is such a thing. I would google headache specialist and your geographic area to see what pops up. Or call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them.
Call the pharmacist too and check with them to see if any of your meds or a combination thereof could be the culprit. Take care.


mimosette - July 17

I am a big fan of trying to knock a headache out with non-prescription methods, and it usually works.

I take a Goodies powder (not a standback, got to be Goodies), with some cold green tea, then dark room with ice pack on the back of my lower skull. I have those gel ones that you keep in the freezer. I put another , lighter one on my forehead,along with some lavender essential oil.

Another HUGE help is Biofreeze. I got it for $16 from a spa here, and fell in love with it. It rolls on like a deoderant, then freezes the skin and penetrates to the muscles. I found it online for less than $6. I put that on the back of my neck, up into my hairline. (It isn't sticky, so it doesn't mess your hair up) then across my forehead.

This usually works for me.

Headaches are the Worst of All , aren't they?


chaplin - July 18

Thanks for the info.
I am trying to find goody's powder online in canada - I am close to Toronto. I found a few sites that talk about it and it looks like it may help. I have used some dissolving stuff my mother in law gave me from Bulgaria. It worked wonders for my headaches but I ran out and can't find it here. I don't know when she is coming back so it would be nice to get some of this to try. I would also like to find a pain rub that works well. I have not seen the biofreeze here either but I will check alternative health stores. I tried everything I bought Rub A535 not bad but wore off quickly. Pain patches OK but burned my skin. Worst of all LAKOTA I got my hubby to put it on my back, shoulders and neck, tried to go to sleep and woke up with a sun burn like pain. I looked in the mirror and literally was red like a sun burn. I showered and it hurt more. Finally got a bit of sleep then the next day it all of a sudden started burning again while I was in the car (I think it was because I was hot). I know my skin is super sensitive but I really need something that can numb the pain. So I will look into the suggestions. I came across a few creams on the net has anyone tried Doctor's Fibromyalgia Pain Cream? There was another one I posted a thread about but got no responses so I am assuming it is not well known. Thanks for the input it is helping me through a really tough time. I'm going to ice my head now (:


axxie - July 18

biofreeze can be had in the chiro office, but I'm almost Loeblaws pharmacy has some.


axxie - July 18

Sorry, made a mistake about where Biofreeze can be purchased, it's not sold retail, best place to purchase Biofreeze is through a licensed Health Care Professional in your area.

Check local yellow pages for Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Athletic Trainers, Occupational, Massage or Physical Therapists.


mimosette - July 20

oh, Lord, Chaplin, I can't believe I said Goodies powder! It's "Stanback", also a powder. Even the gas stations here have it. Is it legal for me to mail you some? I'd be glad to. Email me at mimosette at

I ordered my Biofreeze from myvitanet(dot)com/bi3ozropehe , I think it was on sale for less than 6, it's 6.99 now, but hey that's less than the 15 bucks I paid the spa for it !

My husband tried some on his sore shoulder yesterday, and he said "order at least 5 more bottles of that stuff, it works !!"


Fantod - July 20

Goodys powder contains the same formula as Excederin. Only difference is you would be taking a pill as opposed to drinking a powder mixed with water. Take care.


mimosette - July 21

Fantod, yes, I had a brain fart.

It is Stanback powders I take. They have an extra ingredient that seems to knock out my headaches. LOL, if I could see to read the label I'd post it...


axxie - July 23

Could it be that what you have is: sinus pain?


chaplin - August 11

So it's back day three! I have had it for 3 days now - no break. Our weather is horrible and it hurts to move my head I have tried everything. I am seeing my dr. on Thursday but almost wanted to go to the hospital for them to give me something to help. Last time I went they said that my dr. seems to have me on the same stuff they would suggest. I am starting to wonder if this is a hormonal reaction. Any thoughts?


m.e. - August 26

Hi Chapin. I feel your pain--literally, for over 8 days now. It is awful. I have an easy going disposition, and I am not the same person with this. Irritable and less positive. Just switched primary care and rheumatologist doctors and can't get in for weeks as a new patient. I have a history of sinus issues, but my top notch allergist at Harvard says it's not that. I shed tears tonight over this unbearable situation. I, too, have been toying with the idea that it may be hormonal or even some hypoglycemia issue, but not so sure on the latter. Going to sleep doesn't even help since I wake up with it. Take it easy and check in with your doctor. I may check into tinazidine as mentioned by tnichel below. What other options are there. This is no way to live and very frustrating... Thank God for this helpful site. Headaches are truly awful : (


iliveinpain - August 26

Hey Chaplin,

You mentioned hormones and headaches and it reminded me of whenever I was premenstrual, I'd get the most horrible migraines that would move from side to side of my head and neck for about a week, and then just go away, and return the next month, right on schedule. I've since stopped THAT part of my life, thank God, and the headaches have gotten better. I found when I was taking birth control pills, I'd get headaches again, in fact, any kind of oral estrogen would give me killer headaches every month. Now I've been better, I'm on a bio-identical hormone patch. Since it isn't taken orally, I've felt better. Maybe you truly are getting hormonal headaches, keep track of the times of the month they come and go. Anyway, it's just a thought.


tnichel - August 27

Hi Chaplin, I'm sorry but I gave you the wrong name for my miracle headache medicine. It's actually called Topiramate. (Tinazidine is a muscle relaxer...I think this helped loosen my neck muscles so I don't get the headaches as often.) I started at 50mg and went up to 100mg. I'm sorry to hear you're still suffering. I got a horrible migraine Saturday and it's taken me this long to recover and I'm still not 100% there yet. I forgot how truly painful they can be. I hope you get some relief soon.


tnichel - August 27

m.e. my pain management doc is the one who finally got the awful headaches under control. You may want to look into seeing one. Also, I named the wrong drug (see prior response).

You've probaly already tried this but try putting heat on your neck at night. Also google stretches for the neck. It helped me. I also sit in a massage chair a couple times a week to loosen up the knots in my upper back and shoulders. I also massage my neck with my hands or knuckles to loosen the muscles. I can usually get some relief after doing all that.

Google myofascial trigger points. There are several in your neck and when you find and release them it feels like HEAVEN! You'll be surprised at the immediate difference. (Not everyone can afford professional massages so you have to get creative and figure out what works for you)

Also, check and see if your muscles are hard like rocks or very tender at the base of your head and neck on both sides. Some of your headaches may actually be coming from tension in those muscles or tmj. Oh dang, I forgot what I was gonna say next. I hate fibro. It truly was the best decision I made regarding this condition. Good Luck!



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