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head pain
7 Replies
belle1329 - April 23

HI its been a long time since I was here, I was doing quite well, till my husband had a stroke and I stopped exercising :( Id like to know if any experineces head pain, a sharp jab in the head when you either laugh sneeze, yell or strain when going to the bathroom. I had an MRI and was told its ok except for some funky blood vessels that they say probably have been there since birth?? Anyway the quackey Nerologist I went to kept calling them Headaches and got mad at me when I corrected him saying not a headache its a pain in my head , he pinched me and told me this is pain and if you havie pain in the head its called a headache! Well I disagree, it was a short sharp pain but almost causing me to blackout. He me to answer him YES or NO on his questions! So I told him Im all set and left! Some times they leave me with a short dull headache but more often its just the ZAP pain and then Im ok, just scares me Just want to know if this is another quirk of Fibro ? Thanks


belle1329 - April 23



belle1329 - April 23

and does anyone have dyslexia
of the fingers, lol


belle1329 - January 29

gee hoped to see some type of response here :(
still suffering from the head pain


January - February 2

Hi Belle - this fibro forum is not anywhere near as active as it used to be!

Ummm…. I think you were right to get out of that doctor's office. I agree with you - there is a headache which lasts for a while, and then there is such a thing as a sharp shooting pain in your head. Not the same thing!! Hope you have been able to find someone else for another opinion - another neurologist or maybe a vascular surgeon, since there was something strange about the blood vessels on your MRI?

It's so disgusting when doctors just dismiss you because they don't have the time to do a little research or the guts to say "I don't know" and refer you elsewhere. Do you have a copy of your medical records, and the diagnostic report for the MRI? If it outlined what was wrong with the blood vessels, you might be able to google the information yourself. If you could find something online, you could print it out - and perhaps "educate" a doctor into helping you. : )

Good luck with it.


belle1329 - February 4

Hi Thank you so much for responding, its nice to know there is still someone out there willing to reach out :) I will be going to an ENT and a new neurologist :) I did find something I think matches my symptoms to a T and printed and will take to both. Its called Chiari Malformation, it does not match the thing about the blood vessels (my PCP has that MRI) but it is exactly the headpain symptoms I talk about. I do hope to "educate" this Dr. Ill let you know how I make out...Thanks again :)


January - February 5

Hi Belle,

How strange, when I responded to your post, I was thinking "Chiari Malformation" but I know that has to do with compression of the cerebellum - I was assuming the blood vessel problem was more in the center of your brain. (It's always dumb to assume things!)

I just did a quick google, and I see there is a Chiari Institute and a Chiari Network… it might be worthwhile to contact one of the groups specializing in this - usually they have a lot of information and will work to educate you and your doctor. They often can refer you to doctors that are familiar with the condition.

If the symptoms match what you have, it's possible you have Chiari, AS WELL AS a harmless congenital blood vessel formation. It was very poor practice for your doctor to brush you off and assume it was the blood vessels causing your sharp pains. He sounded like a jerk, and I'm glad you walked out.

I really hope you can get some answers. Good luck with it! : )


Albertalyn - February 10

Hi Belle! I sure hope you get some answers. Please let us all know what you find out. I too have had the same exact issue. Dr's don't understand it is NOT a headache. It is completely different. It is pain in the head! I correct them all the time.
I have not been diagnosed yet. I am still looking for answers. After a year of dealing with this issue and many other symptoms, I think Dr's are leaning towards Fibro for me. No one seams to know what the heck the head pain is or what is causing it. Most Dr's just want to throw pills at you and send you on your way.
I am sorry you are dealing with this issue. No one seems to understand it. Keep moving forward and don't give up! Good luck!



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