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Head Pain
8 Replies
fibrosurvivor - September 27

I woke up this morning with major head pain on the top left backside of my head. It even hurts to touch in this area or wash my hair. Is this from my FM? I have never had this before. It is also the side where I have been having extreme flare up with my shoulder area. Any input would be great. I almost had an anxiety attack shortly ago because I felt a little light headed and it scared me. Please reply.


axxie - September 27

fibrosurvivor sounds like what I had a few days ago. It came and it left it's impression it was the flu without the flu, if you know what I mean.

Did you hit your head, or sleep on one side of your head to have created that head pain.

Yes, I know what you mean about having anxiety attack due to light headness, get those often, either I haven't eaten right or just had one of those fibro moments.

Hope you feel better in a few day.


fibrosurvivor - September 27

Thanks. No I didn't hit my head or anything. I just can't figure it out.


Fantod - September 27

I have this problem from time to time. Recently, it was the back of my head. I had a terrible time sleeping bcause my head so tender to any pressure. I even bought new pillows to see if that would help. The soreness went away on its own after about 10 days of torturing me.

I have TMJ so that may have been a contributing factor. You might want to look into myofacial pain and/or JMJ as a possible source of the problem. I'[d say that what you are experiencing is probably just another "perk" of our common enemy Fibromyalgia. Take care.


pfiinch - September 29

You might want to get it checked out. There are so many things that it could be.A friend of mine was having these headaches and they found 3 anerysoms(spelling) very dangerous.Nothing to mess with.They can bust open and the results can be very bad.Tell your Dr. and maybe see a nureologist.


fibrosurvivor - October 11

Thanks I have been checked before about 2 yrs ago due to the fact that my grandmother died of a brain anuerysm. I was fine. Thanks for your concern. The pain went away in about 2 to 3 days.


chaplin - October 12

I also have been suffering from severe headaches pretty much everyday. So far it seems to be a perk from FM. My dr. is sending me for an MRI since I have been having visual issues and the eye specialist and nurologist felt it would be wise to look into further. Have any of you been told that your headaches were normal for Fm sufferers. I am starting to feel like anything strange going on in my body is always described as a FM symptom. I am so fed up with it.


Kayhlan - October 12

I too have suffered from head pain for years. I was in a very serious auto accident when I was sixteen, and after hitting the corner beam of the driver side windshield with my head, I had three skull fractures as well as a concussion.

Ever since then, I have had terrible headaches which all the doctors call migraines. I don't know if they are true migraines or not, but they make my scalp so tender that it makes me cry. I really believe that due to other events in my life, the headaches and scalp pain are a part of my FM. I feel for you very much.



fibrochica - October 12

While I am a newly diagnosed FMS gal, I can tell you I have had that pain many times. Washing and brushing my hair were both painful. I had been sent for an MRI and at first the Dr's couldn't tell me why I was feeling like this. It happens to me when I get a flare up and lasts for about 3/4 days - although the first time lasted about 6 days. For me, when my head feels like this, usually my entire body does as well. I had ny first experience with pain being caused by simple interaction with another person. Someone simply layed there hand on my shoulder -in a hello kind of way- and I about jumped out of my skin. I hid the pain as best I could, but it made feel very sad to know a simple friendly gesture can at times be so painful.

I was glad to hear you say that sometimes you get a flare up on one side - is this normal? My right side is in more pain than my left - and I am just on the downward side of a flare now.

Take Care and God Bless



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