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Head feels like it's about to explode, hot searing pins
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axxie - June 2

Pins and needles and those searing hot pins pricking my brain, my teeth hurt and my sinuses I don't feel anymore. I sometimes think that a vice grip around my head would hurt me less!

Just been to the doctor, she had nothing good to say about my condition, and I'm getting royally pissed, and I'm actually on the hunt for a new physician who can treat fibro in the National Capital Area (Ottawa-Gatineau area). Rheumy list is 8 to 12 months, psychiatry I don't need, at the moment, and a boost of energy would do me good except to say, no matter what, I don't have any to give myself.

Brain ain't working right and I can't sleep. I have this feeling of "I wan't to eat everything under the sun" but if I do that, I will only make me feel miserable, and I'm already miserable.

I now shop with my sunglasses on and earplugs. So if you see this strange woman described this way, drop by and say hi! I'm the only one who looks like I'm about to rob the local walmart and trying to hide her appearance with a purse full of pills, everykind in every color.

I can see this in my head, playing, mystery shopper stopped for having a pharmaceutical company in her purse, plus wears dark sunglasses and earplugs. Mystery shopper only babbles, can't speak a coherent phrase!! Heck maybe the national inquiry will want to take a picture of me and have the capture lines, the only female on earthy who never lost her mine and can only bable.


chaplin - June 2

Hi axxie
sorry to read that you are feeling so lousy.
I can totally relate. I have been wearing sunglasses most of the time and often wear ear plugs to get through my day and horrible headaches. I explain them to my dr.s as though someone is pressing from the inside of your head out with sharp pointy finger nails - trying to pry your skull apart from inside at the same time someone is squeezing it inwards. I also get the tooth pain, pins, burning and numbness... It sounds like you need another dr. The only things that have helped me through my horrible flare ups are my dr. and being able to feel like I am not alone. You have helped so many of us when we needed it. I hope you get help back.
Good luck



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