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head droop
4 Replies
HerRoyalHighness - February 2

How many of you suffer from "head droop", where your neck cranes forward putting your head out of alignment with your shoulders? What can be done for it? I have tried two different PT's and am leery of chiropractics. I just want to stand up straight, pain-free!


sleepingin91 - February 2

I think I may have this 'head droop'. I have bad posture where I hunch my shoulders and my neck is very curved because my head seems to be too far forward! I often have neck and shoulder pain and I saw a physiotherapist for a while before I was diagnosed with FMS and it was agony to have him rubbing and pushing against all my tender spots :(


axxie - February 3

It's a posture problem, nothing else. With computers and tv and walking forward most people have a bad habit that started when they were young.

My daughter who is 18 has it, and I kept telling her to keep her shoulders pulled back and stretch her neck so that her head looked higher.

If you suffer from a neck, back, and shoulder pain that is the reason. Start by balancing a book on your head, then try to walk while balancing the book on your head, without any aid from your hands. Once you learn how to do that, you will notice when you droop and will automatically pull your shoulders back and stretch your neck towards the ceiling.

Also check the sole of your shoes and see how you walk, if you use your shoes evenly then it's only a posture issue, if you walk and shuffle your feet, then you have what we call lazy feet.

If the sole of your shoes show a difference from foot to foot usage, get yourself some feet insoles, don't need to get the most expensive one, try the ones you can buy at the pharmacy. You will be surpise how it changes your posture.


HerRoyalHighness - February 3

I've noticed that it's a vicious cycle - pain makes my shoulders raise and head droop, and the head droop causes pain in my neck, shoulders and back.

I know I walk more on the outsides of my heels but it seems to be even on both feet, not one more than the other.

Thanks for the input. Any other ideas or thoughts are appreciated!


Fantod - February 3

You should see about having some orthotics made for your shoes. The wear on the outsides of your heels is not a normal gait. Having something to correct the way you walk may help with your other posture issues. Take care.



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