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Having sooo much fun i can't stand it!
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chowda72 - November 5


well I am new here, I started coming on here about a month ago, and then 2weeks ago my life decended into the 13th ring of hell. First let me give you some background info about me --]I am 37, married mom of 3kids. My husband is a Merchant seamen so he is gone for extended lengths of time. I was diagnosed w/ Hashimoto's disease when i was 18 and with FM when i was 22. Up until about 3yrs ago i was able to control my pain with exercise and occasional tylenol and advil. I work fulltime as an adult daycare provider (a.k.a. corrections officer) and also part time FF/EMT-I. I also have a very odd scence of humor and if you cant tell, i dont spell well. I am currently Taking Savella, Cymbalta, Oxycodone to manage my pain due to the FM. what sucks is when the Hashimoto's disease goes bonkers and then all bets are off. Anyway back to my decention to the 13th ring. 2 weeks ago while running to help a fellow officer who was being assulted by a mentally unstable person, I was attacked by a 200lb door, it mistakenly thought my right ankle was a treat of some form and it took a BIG bite. I suffered a broken Fibula that proceded to separate and cause a 6mm gap, along with that i also had a 3cm displacement of the lateral malleolus. I know have a titanium plate and 5 screws holding my ankle together. I am in a cast for the next 6 weeks w/orders of no weight bearing at all. The Doc's gave me Dilaudid which worked for about a week to help with the pain. My crutches are killing me anyone have any ideas?


Noca - November 6

I prefer to use Dilaudid. I dont know about broken bones as I've never broken a bone but I know all about bone surgery which is EXTREMELY painful! IV Dilaudid seems to take away most of the pain while im in the hospital. My dose of oral Dilaudid leaves much to be desired though.


Fantod - November 6

I can't even imagine being on crutches with Fibromyalgia (FMS). There is no way I could manage. I was surprised to read that you are taking Cymbalata and Savella. I was taken off of Cymbalata prior to trying Savella. You might want to investigate that with your pharmacist.

I would see if I could get in to see a pain management specialist to see what they could do to make you more comfortable. Your doctor should be able to expedite an appointment for you given the severity of your injury. Or call the local hospital and ask for the physician referral service.

I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time. I'm just recovering from bilateral foot surgery so I get the pain part. I can only be on my feet for 10 minutes every hour. Nothing like those great looking orthopedic shoes to really make you feel special....

Good luck with your situation and a speedy recovery.


brooksidefarm - November 6

So sorry! Have you tried a walker? That should be better than the pressure of crutches on your arms - I could never take that.


axxie - November 6

Ha the crutches, well I had my runs with them, far too many times, to even think of them of anything else but two pieces of wood that are suppose to help you, but in mere fact they are just there to trick you in thinking you could walk with them, and next thing you know, they knock you full force onto the ground. (kidding).

First the crutches, must not touch the inside of your armpit, there should be at least 1 to 1 1/2 inch below the armpit, second your handles should be even with the top your hips and your elbows should have a slight bend, in other words, your arms are not to be straight.

Use your hands to absorb the weight, if your arms are straight then your shoulders and armpits will absorb the weight and you will have pain.

I am still trying to figure out why in the world, would you be on Cymbalta and Savella, kind of one is cancelling the other, if you know what I mean.

I heard of Cymbalta and Lyrica but Savella added to the mix, I don't understand. Heck maybe your doctor knows something we don't know..... Let us know when you question him on it.


Noca - November 6

Savella is just Milnacipran, an SNRI just like Cymbalta. Both are approved by the FDA for fibromylgia :)

Unfortunately I dont think its available in Canada :(


chowda72 - November 10



Oh just a quick warning in case you haven't figured it out yet I have a pretty sick and twisted scense of humor, so if I offend anyone I appoligise in advance. Okay then moving on to this weeks freakshow of events--] As many of you probably know stressw causes my pain levels to go thru the roof, as does bad weather combind the 2 and I feel like George Clooney in the final storm scene in the perfect storm. To put it mildly I happenedx to be a wee little crankie, so when Mr. Wonderful(aka hubby) called and asked how i was doing I told him what was goimg on with the kids and that i was hurting real bad. Now one would think after 18yrs of marriage that he'd been smart enough to not send a nasty text about how I had a minor checking account mishap and got over drawn. Accidents happen. Well lets just say at the end of the night he was promising he was never gonna text or call me cause i was the meanest cold hearted ______ he'd ever known. My reply was "whateva". Well by being under a huge amount of stress and all the bad weather my temporary cast started itching the first day, it continued to get worse untill last night(sun-mon)
it felt like my leg was on fire, so i did my bbad girl impression and cut the dam thing off. My skin looked like a lobsta coing out of the ppot. I washed my leg w/ soap & water, as I did this I notice my skin started to bleed. I finally got the pain to go away by rubbing Gold Bond medicated powder on it. In the morning I called tthe Doctors office & as you all can imagin he wasn't to impressed w/my actions. So after everyone and there brother came to look at my blueberry coloured leg with the red spots(it looked like a dam easter egg that had gone bad)they had to send me for an ultrasound because they were worried about DVT. How many of you out there think "thats easy just go down the hall to another room, like at the OB&GYN" WRONG I had to go all the way cross town to the hospital out paitent clinic. When that was done she called & said there was no DVT(thank god) but then I had to go all the way back to the Doctors to get my hard cast. so hopefully I have no issues with this cast--] Keep your fingers crossed.

Axxie--] I only take Savella and Cymbalta. I once tried Lyrica but it did nothing for me. Sorry if I confused you.



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