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Having a hard time eating...
3 Replies
LDovey - January 4

I have been diagnosed with fibro and have good days and bad days...of course, but the one constant besides the pain is the inability to eat. I am losing weight (down to size 10 from 14 without trying) and nothing tastes good, and I think I am hungry and in two bites feel this normal? Lots of heartburn, too! Every once in a while, something will go down well...had half a corned beef sandwich that was like a feast, but the holidays were awful sitting watching the family eat my hard work and not being able to enjoy any. Should I make a big deal with my doc at the next visit?


tnichel - January 4

I was just diagnosed with fibro & lupus. I had my gall bladder taken out in 2000. Shortly after that I completely lost my appetite. I'd eat 1 maybe 2 meals a day at the most and could never finish a full plate of food.My complaints to docs were largely ignored. This was during the same time period the fatigue set in and the aches and pains. Since being put on amitryptiline <----- I butchered the spelling, my appetite has picked up. I do know lupus can make you lose your appetite but I'm not sure about fibro. I went from 130-125lbs to 112lbs and it freaked all my friends and family out. I deosn't sound like a lot of weight but I'm already tiny so it was very noticeable. Try eating non-greasy foods, nothing to spicy, bland things until you can figure out what your taste buds and stomache can handle. Basically, I eat like a kid now. I find something I like and eat it for months until I grow tired and move on to something else. Right now I'm on a panckes for breakfast kick that has lasted 3 months now. It was ham & chesse sandwiches for lunch for 2 months. I make every effort though to try and get a variety of foods and veggies for the nutrients. Most doctors won't think twice about your change in appetite though unless you lose major weight. good luck!


JavaGirl - January 4

Don't ignore these symptoms. I had lost my appetite and had the heartburn plus some other symptoms. This went on for weeks until I finally had my doc check me out. He ordered two tests: ultrasound of gallbladder (which looked normal, then a hiatal scan due to my sumptoms. Turns out, even though I don't have gallstones, my gallbladder needs to be removed. I'll be scheduling surgery soon. bottom's tempting to blame everything on fibro, but with any recurring symptom, it's much safer to get checked out. Best of luck!


linda brown - January 8

i've already had my gallbladder removed and i still don't eat much, sometimes all i eat is a handful of raisins. my stomach just feels nervous all the time, i have lost weight too. this whole fibro thing is so scary. i never have any energy to do anything, getting out of bed in the morning seems to be the worst. seems like we'll never know all the symptoms that go with fibro. but seems to me, losing the desire to eat is one of them, good luck.



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