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Haven't ever seen a Rheumatologist
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Noca - October 30

I haven't ever seen a Rheumatologist before but I don't know if I should or need to go see one. What would they do above and beyond what my pain doctor already does? He already diagnosed me with fibromyalgia so... Iunno. He doesn't like the diagnosis though so that might be a hint something is wrong. What do you guys think?


Stacey373 - October 31

Hi Noca - I have never seen a Rheumatologist either. I've only been seeing my regular family doctor (whose really a Nurse Practioner) and she's the one who diagnosed me. Actually I diagnosed myself and she agreed with me.

But if you are having problems with the doctor you are seeing now, maybe you should think about seeing a new one.

Take Care, Stacey :o)


Fantod - October 31

Noca - A lot of doctors don't like a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (FMS). If your pain management specialist is treating it and you are having regular bloodwork done than I would not be too concerned. I do know, however, that you are a worrier like the rest of us. If it would give you peace of mind to see a rhuemy than do it. Take care.


axxie - October 31

Hey Noca, I have never seen a rheumy, where I am the rheumy are so busy that most will refuse to see people who their family doctors beleive that they're patient have Fibro. So in all they years, I never seen one. My sister has arthristis, and she has never seen a rheumy either, her gp diagnosed her and is treating her.

One doctor diagnosed me, on the basis that she had sent me to see a neuro because they all feared that I had MS. Then after seeing the neuro a few times and went through the usual test for MS, ended up suggesting to my gp what I had was Fibro. This gp does not treat me with pain medication, she only wants to give me Cymbalta. So I had to change doctors many times to get someone who would treat me for pain management.

I happened to be talking to a neighboor of mind, who has many problems with his hips and spine, he's also quite older and has gone through operations etc., and he's the one that recommended the doctor I have, who treats me for pain management, but he's a regular gp. I have only seen him twice and he didn't hesitate to get me off the Cymbalta and treat me for pain and sleeping problem.

The other gp, just doesn't want to give you pain management because she fears that I'll become addicted and she doesn't want the pill police in Ontario to look into her practice. Imagine her she choose to be a doctor but doesn't want to give you relief, on account that she's afraid that either I'll become an addict or that the pill police in Ontario will look into her practice. I keep her around, because she's not afraid to fill out paperwork for the insurance.

If you have a chance to go see a rheumy and your doctor thinks that it would be worth it, then I would jump at the chance to go. Either they confirm you have what you have and maybe there's a possibility they what you have is something different but presents itself as fibro. There's the odd chance. Or it can be a lost cause, and loss time to see the rheumy.

By what I have read in the years that I have been on this site, most have self diagnosed themselves and seek confirmation from either a gp, or someone else.

It is a known fact that men are more often diagnosed faster then women. There's that old mentally that women often exagerate their symptoms or are too emotional. 90% have diagnosed themselves by searching to find an answer to what they have and end up more often diagnosing and seeking either a confirmation or a difference of opionion.

What really gets to me, is most are women who have fibro and only approximate 10% of men who are diagnosed with fibro.



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