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Have we all suffer from anxiety and stress(research material)
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SHEILA - August 16

Im just wondering if at some stage we have all suffered from "depression anxiety and stress" as these seem to be the three most dominating factors in causing this condition...Im wanting to do some research about this condition that I have myself.....which over the last 6 months has become worse...Im hoping that anyone of you would care to email myself with your stories of "how, when, where, and why," and at what stage did this condition start to show itself.If we all pull together maybe just maybe there will be alot of common factors I can put together, please help I am one of you who to feels this pain and I would love to help find the reason WHY!!!! ONLY YOU CAN HELP ME... I am getting in touch with local
papers, doctors,hospitals to see what information they can also give me...Im from England...but please if you live anywhere in the world I NEED YOUR long your have it this you cope with it...medication if you have found it helps...any kind of information will help all information will be kept confidentional.EMAIL [email protected]


deb - July 21

I think your fibro research is a great idea. Several times I have started writing the Oprah show to suggest an episode on Fibro and other Autoimmune issues. I think public awareness of these diseases would answer a lot of questions for the many people who have been told it's all in your head and to start taking antidepressants. Mine started years ago when I began having problem with my son. I would get so stressed out it would make me physically sick. Then came what they call a Thyroid storm which made me really ill. I now have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which I take medication for. That part seems to be controlled now but I still deal with the Fibro issues and 2 other Autoimmune diseases. My worst flares start when I get really upset and stressed out. I just know that in a day or two after the episode that upset me I will start to feel bad. When this happens I just work thru it. I try and calm myself down, get more rest and I walk alot. It seems to help a little. Let me now how you deal.


SHEILA - July 22

Hiya Debs....

I find also that my flare ups are worse after upset and stress....though it is there all the time...I have also realised excersise is good swimming I find helps me as most of my pain is in the chest area (leftside)down my ribcage under breast bone shoulders and neck....causing breathing difficuilties...I feel so much like screaming at times...Ive been in touch with our local paper Im hoping to start up a help line though Im no expert on this I am living through the pain and even if someone wanted to talk or scream down phone Im hoping it will help....will keep you posted on my research the more people know about this the better its a horrible syndrome. Take care Deb xx


Anson - August 16

According to my last Dr. visit, my blood work appeared to be with-in-normal limits, so I have considered myself ‘crazy’ without some medical diagnosis to explain how I could feel so very depressed. And just as tired.

I have felt as if my physical body was literally in the process of dying. I can’t count the times a day I find myself ‘sighing’ because I’ll be feeling so tired and just one more breath took such great effort. It’s exhausting.

I can barely stand something as light as my own clothing to touch me in a particular area of my body right now. Other times, I can ‘tolerate’ the touch, but I’m aware of the “nagging pain” that is relentless. It is there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Other areas of my body are most tender to the touch as well.

I can’t remember the last time I slept six consecutive hours. I can’t remember sleeping even three for the past month or so.

My short term memory has made me paranoid. I find it hard to concentrate and things I used to find simple to do have become very complex. I can’t even keep my mind sane enough to figure out how to see my Doctor again being that I no longer have health insurance.

Stress…. So much stress. Like dirty laundry piled high on the floor. Disgusting to “sort through” so you let it pile higher and higher until one day you are lost somewhere in the stench of it all.

And this stress has brought to me Depression with such severe anxiety that I’ve wondered if I’d slit my wrist before daybreak.

But now…. I have found a possible diagnosis….. Fibromyalgia…..

I have to learn more about this disorder. Or is it a disease? I have to beat it.

Just knowing what it is has given me power. It’s given me hope that I can get better.

I need to see my Doctor and determine for sure if this is what I have been suffering from for so long a time now.

(*I suffer with major depression anyway, but I've noticed a "difference" in the degree of my depression and ablility to handle stressful situations. My anxiety has made afraid of leaving my home and now with sunburn type burning pain I'm having in my upper body happening, I can't help but wonder what I'm going to do. Not only do I need a diagnosis, but I need a Doctor and like I said, with no health insurance, I am not at all sure what to do, where to go, or to whom to discuss this with profressionally.


Joni - August 16

Dear Anson & others with no insurance,
If you have no insurance and don't qualify for title 19,medicare or medicaid, I would suggest going to a mental health clinic and applying for assistance through your county (they can help you with paperwork). That way you can get support through a Dr. there & counseling for support on a sliding pay scale according to your income. Also, many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistant programs to help get medications at no cost or your Dr. can provide you with free samples & coupons for meds.
I agree that we need more public awareness on this terrible illness! It is NOT in your head. You are NOT a hypochondriac or crazy! Many symptoms go with fibromyalgia and it is REAL! I am truly sorry we all have to deal with this pain & suffering everyday. Please learn ways to cope and each day ask yourself "What can I do that is nice for me today." It may be taking a long bubble bath, listening to your favorite song, lighting a candle or giving/receiving a hug. Anything that you can do to appease the senses is very helpful as we are sensitive to all 5 senses. Be around people who move you in a positive direction. I hope this helps...Sincerely Joni



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