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Have I got Fibromyalgia?
8 Replies
Francis - November 26

Hello everyone, I think I might have the symptoms to suggest that I could have it. I get these random tingly pains that go from my head to my neck,back arms,hands,legs,feet and I have experienced these for years now, I went to the dr. before about them and he said if they get any worse to come back but they didn't, now am still kinda paranoid to this day to know what they are, the pain is very mild and I don't have sleepless nights with them, I also notice when am busy/active or anything I don't seem to get them, what do yous think?

Thanks in advance,


Jean - November 21

Hi Francis: Go to a Rheumatologist to get diagnoses or see if this is what you might have. Otherwise you could be experiencing everyday stress and that can cause a body to go haywire for a time.


Francis - November 21

Hiya jean, so ya reckon to see one of them rather than a doctor. Ye I think I will do that and finally get to the bottom of it.



Francis - November 21

Maybe I'd be better off getting a full medical even?


Jean - November 22

Hiya Francis: I was thinking that I do not want anyone to have this Fibromyalgia because it's a life changer and if you found someone to get that mendical check up I am in hopes that it is something simple and not life changing. I wish for everyone to have good health. My father at age 73 is in better shape than I and that's an eye opener. Thank goodness he is in good health. So I'm hoping for a better diagnosis for you and not this Fibromyalgia. If you are diagnosed with this I'll still be here.A Rheumatologist is a doctor, he is just more specialized.


Francis - November 22

So have you got this disease yourself then? Ye am probably looking into it too much and it would do no harm just to get checked out atleast it will put my mind at rest, but whatever I have if anything it can't be serious because I'd know about it if it was, wouldn't I?


Jean - November 23

Yes, I've had this Fibromyalgia for 4 years now and it's knocked me off my job. Yes, it could put your mind to ease knowing what you might or may not have. If you do have Fibromyalgia we are here to help. Keep going girl and ask the right questions and keep a diary of your pain symptoms for this can help your doctor in diagnosis. Good Luck girl and I hope things work out for the best for you. I do not think your looking into it to much. Education opens doors wven to the sick it just takes time with this disease.Cherio now!(sp)


Francis - November 24

Just to let ya'know am male jean as you have mentioned girl in there. Anyway ye am gonna get it checked out instead of just talking, talking, talking about it. So tell me what do you actually experience with the disease in general, like would have ya sleepless nites that kinda thing?


Jean - November 26

I'm sorry for gender mix up. Ya, Fibromyalgia is my naughty little disease and I wish this on no one so the best way to cope with it is to educate yourself. And people experience different symptoms like I might have the sleepless nights and someone else may have the buring hands and feet. It's just the on going condition. My rheumatologist says it gets worst as time goes on and I'm not quite understanding what happens as time goes on at this point in my life. I'm trying to undestand what I'm going through right now. So we all learn together what this condition does. Right now it has lost me my job and that is hurtful.



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