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Have hypothyroidism and suspect I may have fibro as well :(
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kris01 - May 30

Hi everyone...I'm new to this site, this is my first post!
My nightmare began years ago when I was diagnosed with Graves disease. I opted for the radioactive iodine treatment... what a mistake! It took 4 years of hell to get my thyroid back to where it should have been, and it's still ongoing. I had a severe injury shortly after the "death" of my thyroid, torn tendons and muscles from a calcium deposit. Last year, I also slipped and fell and tore my ulner nerve - I can't seem to keep my balance. Things started to go bad shortly after that, but the worst has been over the last 6 months.
I've developed horrible chest pains... dull and throbbing with a stabbing pain that moves from one side to the next. I used to receive trigger point injections in my neck, shoulders and upper back, but changed to lidocaine IV injections instead. It helps a bit for my ribs, but not my neck, shoulders. I've been hiding a deep depression as well. I can't sleep because my ribs hurt too much. I'm at the end of my rope... I honestly don't know what to do! I know I need to open up and be honest with my doctor because I don't think I can go on like this much longer.
If anyone has any advise, I would greatly appreciate it! I know there are time I think about going to sleep and really not wanting or caring if I wake up - I know that's a terrible thing to say... hopefully one day that will all change :(


Jocelyn - May 30

Hi and welcome to this site.

My girlfriend is in a similar situation where she has rib and back pain and has been getting after her doctors to find the answer.

You do have to take control of your health and make the doctor listen. If you doctor doesn't listen, find another. YOu need help for your depression, there are a lot of natural remedies that you can find on this site to help with that if you do not want to take prescription drugs.

I do have to go right now, but I will be back on and hopefully, others will write to you.

Take care and see you soon!


kvc33 - May 30

HI and welcome. Are you depressed because of your pain and health problems or did you have that beforehand? I would suggest you see a naturopath for your depression, otherwise a doctor will just give you antidepressants which I believe cause harmful side effects. One of the common ones is weight gain and I depressed person with pain doesn't need that on top of everything else. I don't know if you have fibro or not but injury and illness can bring it on. Do you have other symptoms. Make a list of your symptoms and circle the three worst and address those first. I think you need to be evaluated regarding your injury. Have you consulted with a chiropractor or orthopaedic physiotherapist?


January - June 10

Agree with Jocelyn and kvc. I took antidepressants for years. They are HIGHLY addictive, and they stop working; then you get switched to another one and you go through adjustment and withdrawal reactions. Very nasty side effects in lots of areas. You are begging for trouble if you touch those things. They are extremely hard to quit and the withdrawals are so bad that most people cannot ever stop taking them once they start. Most people do NOT need them. You got some good advice above…. so,

I am a broken record about celiac disease (gluten intolerance) - because that was my problem. Once I cleared the gluten out of my system, the depression and a host of other health problems cleared up, including my muscle pain. (I had balance problems too, but they were caused by an antibiotic that I was given repeatedly.) You can plug "gluten" into the search box at the right, above, and find lots of old posts about it. Gluten free diet has helped a lot of people with pain. But I say it here on your post because 97% of celiacs have serious depression!! And most of us are never diagnosed.

It sounds like depression is really getting to you right now, and everybody here understands that! Being in pain is depressing enough! You may have an underlying disease condition that is causing the depression. However, most doctors will just throw an antidepressant at you if you mention it. So, KNOW that you can say NO to the pills, and say you want a good physical workup and you want to try therapy. Some of them will get very angry when you refuse the prescriptions - and it is very tempting to take a "happy" pill - but YOU are the one that will suffer the side effects - antidepressants fix absolutely nothing in your life. Before you put one in your mouth, please research it carefully - and here are some places to start. ssristories. com

A good therapist is your best bet! If after trying everything else, you are still miserably depressed, you might want to try an antidepressant - your decision - but request blood tests to check your neurotransmitters first.

Highly recommend Dr. Daniel Amen's books - find one that deals with healing your brain from depression.


mypain - June 23

I would recommend getting sleep. It is soooo vital to healing....Ask your doctor for some sleeping medicine. Most of us here know what you are going through....we all have our good days and bad...but we are here for each other. Walking is a great stress relief....Pamper your self...get a soothing things that make you feel kind to yourself...


sobaka - July 23

Hi there!


Jocelyn - July 25

what happened to your post? I only see hi there.


lmd177 - August 1


This is my first time to the site. I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2010 and also Hypothyroidism. I have been experiencing neck pain and rib pain for months. The pain gets so severe that it has taken me to the hospital 3 times. The only relief that I have found recently is exercise. I have taken pills for the pain and they only seeme to mask the pain like a bandaid. I changed my diet on my own back on October of 2011 and I tripped my thyroid. I have had normal results since January of this year. It's amaxing how the foods that you eat can really affect your health. My throid levels were at 12 and now they are 4.25. I will be back.


lmd177 - August 1

I neglected to also mention I have something by the name of Sjogren's syndrome. I am 35 yrs old and I seem to have more ailments than you can shake a stick at. I have to say one thing, I truly believe stress has been a big factor.


Jocelyn - August 1

I have Sjogren's as well. Has your eye doctor put you on Flaxseed Oil are you using inserts in your eyes to help the soreness?

I have some things that I do to help with the dryness. Let me know what you are taking for it.


lmd177 - August 1

My doctor has not prescribed anything for the eyes. The only thing he prescribed me with was lozenges for the dry mouth, called "Nu-Moisin." I suffer with the Fibro the most. My accunpuncturist has really helped me. She has me taking specific Essential Oils, a number of exercises and I get the most relief after going to her. She is a "God-Send" My TMJ has gotten so bad that my jaw is completely out of joint. My mouth becomes mis-aligned in the morning and sometimes takes all day until the muscles relax. I also suffer with Globus where I have difficulty swallowing and it constantly feels like something is in my throat. I had to leave work the other day because my rib cage was screaming in pain. It is definitely a nuisance living with this disorder. I wish there was more research being done with FM, especially because so many people are suffering with it.


January - August 2

Acupuncture has really helped me out in the past! Highly recommend it! Western medicine is not so good at treating fibromyalgia sometimes…

lmd, sounds like you have a lot going on, just like many of us. You will have to research and try to find things that help you. We are all so different! I hope you have a doctor who will listen to you. Research your symptoms online, and when you find something that really applies to you, or a remedy you'd like to try, print out the information and take it to your doctor. If he won't work WITH you to help you feel better, find someone who will. There is no point in this endless suffering, and having someone brush you off with "Oh, it's just fibromyalgia." No. There are a lot of things we can do to help ourselves feel better! Keep trying! Good luck to you, and let us know how you are doing.

If you are taking any antidepressants -- like the ones "prescribed for fibromyalgia" -- I would seriously research the drugs and check out their side effects. Those things can be very nasty for some people. I have not had the terrible rib cage pain, only a couple experiences with it. I had overall body aches that were horrible. I went on a gluten free diet and that took away the body aches, and also improved my health overall! You have to find out what is causing YOUR pain and treat that.


lmd177 - August 2

Hi January,

Thank you for taking the time out to respond. It's so nice to know there are people living with FM who care so much to give there advice and knowledge of this condition. It is so helpful. I am going to take the advice you have given me regarding some of the suggestions you have given me.

I have to say, I have a wonderful Rheumatologist (who cares) and I also have a wonderful Neurologist. I am currently not on any medication. I don't believe in pain meds or anti-depressents. They only thing I have taken is an anti-inflammatory for the flare ups. I need to relax and not worry about so many things in my life, but I can't help it I do. I grind my teeth at night and also clench. I even find myself clenching during the day. I work full time at a very high stress job, I have a son with Autism, and I take care of my family....literally!!! I have no help and I take on everything myself, not that I don't want to do it....I do. It does become a lot at times. I am sorry to vent and give you my whole life story in a sentence, but I do believe that a lot of the stress I have in my life has triggered FM. Thank you for listening!!! Have a great day! I will be back on later. Have to go to work now.


January - August 4

Hi lmd - wow, you have a LOT going on, no wonder you are stressed out. Feel free to vent on here. This is a support group, and although this site hasn't been real active this summer, there are a lot of people like you around. If you go back through old conversations or plug in symptoms in the blue search box at the top right, you can bring up old conversations. You'll see you're not alone! Stress is really rough on us and can make our problems worse, so anything you can do to decrease the stress will help. When I was going through terrible stress, I had the tooth-grinding problems too. Serious pain led to way too much dental work and many other problems. It would have been better for me to just take a small dose of valium. A SMALL dose. There are supplements that can help to calm you down also.

Glad you have some good doctors that you like and that you can control your pain without heavy medication. If you have fibromyalgia though, long term stress can aggravate it over time. Sometimes it helps to just come on here and talk it out! Hope you are doing well this weekend. : )



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