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Has Chiropractic Care Helped Anyone
4 Replies
hope4painrelief - April 20

Just curious if any of you have tried chiropractic care or acupuncture and if it was effective.



axxie - April 20

I have been using chiropractor for a while and find, that I it does help. Just a word to the wise, it takes approximately 6 consecutive chiro treatments in space of 3 weeks, to see the difference, then it's once a month. Just a thought, you may find you are sore at first but the pain disapate after the 2nd treatment. Always start chiro treatment when it's warm, the pain doesn't hurt as much.

As for acupuncture it does help, you can even forego the chiro for the accupuncture, best to use in the late fall when it starts to rain, winter and spring until the sun starts to dry up and warm weather returns.

I find with my fibro, the pain is much more intense when it's cold, raining, snowing. I am rather well with much less pain in the summer time.

If you are wondering what I am on, I am only on hormone treatment and Ralivia for my pain and sleeping pill that is not antidepressent.

I have been on many of the drugs and find that I fare much better on hormones and ralivia for the pain with the occasional sleeping pill.

I have returned to work full time, prior to being diagnosed it was a hard battle.

Good luck to you


January - April 21

I've tried both. Tried several chiropractors - and usually they are pretty slick about draining your wallet. My last chiropractor was more honest and from an excellent school, but he seriously hurt my back with his wrenching adjustments.

I fared much better with acupuncture. It really helped in many ways. Again, you have to find the right person.

Axxie is right. Cold and damp really aggravates fibro. The worst days for me are when the weather is changing - I guess it's the barometric pressure that does it.


bmcgovern - April 26

I have a great chiropractor :) I go once a month now but have been going for a few years and it helps me so much and i get's the one thing that helps me keep going. I would def keep trying and find a good one..wish you luck :)


Fantod - April 26

I've used acupuncture and it was very effective as long as I continued the treatment. Once I stopped, everything reverted back to its original state. My insurance doesn't cover it. But, you have to find the right person to do it. They should be versed in several different forms of acupuncture to be effective. Take care.



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