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Has anyone tried Nopalea product
3 Replies
hope4painrelief - March 28


Was hoping that someone here has tried Nopalea. I recently started it because it is supposed to help wih inflammation. The representative I spoke with said a lot of people with fibro have experienced good results. I have been on it about 2 1/2 weeks and you are supposed to feel better after 4-5 weeks.

If anyone has tried it I would appreciate hearing your experiences.

I have been having a terrible flare for at least a month and the pain is unbearable. My Dr. is sending me for MRI of neck, back and hip. Hopefully that may show something helpful. This is some terrible illness to deal with. Any advice on how to cope would be great. I am new and this is my first post. I have had fibro diagnosed for about 7 years but probably had it longer before. Mine started after a work injury. Thanks everyone and I appreciate this forum.


Fantod - March 28

hope4painrelief - Welcome to the board!

I had a brief look at Nopalea which is supposed to be very good for inflammation. There is no inflammation associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS) itself. So unless you have an underlying condition like arthitis causing inflammation, I doubt this juice is going to help. This is the next wave of super juices like Acai that was so popular a couple of years ago. They are expensive and touted to cure everything under the sun.

I'm sorry that you are having such a tough time right now with pain. You might want to try a product called Curamin. I use a brand made by Terry Naturally. This is a spice that has been highly purified for this application. It comes in capsules. I have been using it for quite some time twice a day for breakthrough pain. It works very well. You can order it online or if you have a good health food store in your community, they may carry it.

If you could tell us more about what medications you currently use for FMS we could be more helpful. Take care and feel better soon.


January - March 28

Hello, and welcome. I'm a (relative) newbie to the board but have had fibro for decades.

I couldn't tolerate the "usual fibro drugs" and I now take SAM-e (a natural supplement, good for your brain, liver, joints and helps to gently increase your serotonin). I take 400 mg in the am and pm. On a bad day, I take 400 mg mid-day. SAM-e degrades easily, which is why you need a good brand. Life Extension has tested a couple, and they recommend their own brand, and also Nature Made - the brown and yellow package with the blister packs. I use Nature Made and found it more effective than a couple others I tried. Check with your doctor before taking anything extra, to avoid possible side effects and interactions. Everyone's body is different.

For me, a gluten-free diet also helped to reduce my pain level. It took a year, but it helped a lot. Chronic pain and depression are two very common symptoms of gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Glad you are seeing a doctor - there are many treatments available, so make him work with you until you find the most effective regimen. My theory is that "fibro" is a grab-bag of several strange disease entities - that's why what works for one doesn't work for another. When I was younger, for my horrible back issues, I took a lot of Advil. My doctor made me stop because Advil can blow out your kidneys. Now my stomach can't tolerate it anyway, and I take a low dose narcotic, as needed, which helps with ALL my pain symptoms.

Most fibro patients have sleep issues, and if you do, you might need some meds to help with that. Good sleep will also help with your pain level. I use low dose meds and melatonin. Adding 50 mg of the flushing type of Niacin (eat some food with it) helps me sleep better too. I'm trying to stop my sleeping meds and just be natural, but there are nights when I still need them.

This is a great board with so many different approaches and knowledgeable people. If you learn anything new on your journey, please share it with us!


hope4painrelief - March 29


Thanks for your reply. I take Soma, Prozac, Lamictal, Synthroid, Temazapam, and Ibuprofen.

I think I do have inflammation in my back due to an injury several years ago and I do have athritis as well. I am going to keep with the Nopalea for the 4-5 weeks and if there is no improvement then I will send it back and get my money back, it is expensive especially since I am on SSDI and I will look into the Curamin. Thanks so much



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