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Has anyone tried Ginsing for energy.
9 Replies
kentucky girl - May 1

My massage therapist suggested that I try ginsing to improve my energy level. I started on it a couple of days ago. I haven't seen improvement yet, but was wondering if anyone else had tried it.


Fantod - May 1

Hi kentuckygirl - Not to disparage your massage therapist's suggestion, but I think that a sublingual B12 tablet with folic acid is a better choice. The folic acid is needed to help absorb the B12 into your body. You should be able to find it at any decent healthfood store.

In the event that you are not familiar with using a sublingual tablet - they are dissolved under your tongue. And no, they do not taste bad. You should not eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth for a half hour before AND after using a homeopathic sublingual tablet.

I keep mine on the bedside table and pop one before I get up in the morning. It gives me the needed "push" to get out of bed and get moving.

Incidentally, have you had your adrenal gland checked to be sure it is functioning properly? Mine is AWOL in the morning which only further complicates getting motivated. Apparently, it starts to come out of its coma around the crack of Noon. I take a supplement for that as well.

Enjoy your weekend.


englishrose - May 1

Hi Kentucky girl i haven't tried it but will give it a try ..Seems what works for one does not work for all though.. Please lets know if you find it helps..


kvc33 - May 1

Ginseng is one of the many things I have tried, it didn't have any affect on me.


powderblue - May 1

Hi Kentucky girl. I suspect that ginseng might not really help as your body is overloaded with fatigue anyway. I've been doing a bit of research on fibromyalgia and there is a bit of information on mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are present in muscle cells and all cells and basically make available energy for the cells. When this process doesn't work as well it can cause fatigue and some of the problems associatd with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I found a pretty good website you might consider that explains a bit about this and some supplements they suggest. However my doctor suggests that there is not magical diet out there so avoid diets or supplements which are very expensive or promise a cure. Different people obvioulsy find different things that work for them. If you have deficiency then obviously you should take supplements. Also it is thought that people with FMS may have an associated sleep disorder. Lack of stage IV sleep (deep sleep) or interupted sleep patterns can lead to increased pain and soreness. Many people with FMS often wake feeling unrefreshed. I often find that pacing is helpful as a wave of fatigue can come over me if I do too much and then I don't seem to have much energy for the rest of the day. Also making sure you eat regularly throughout the day can help too if you aren't already. Hope you can find some relief. :-)


powderblue - May 1

Sorry I can't post the website but if you do a google search and include the words fmetnews basics energy you may be able to find it. There is so much information out there it is easy to get a bit lost as to what will be good for your body.


ptalana - May 1

Hi kentuckygirl, I've not tried ginsing to increase my energy. I do however take vitamin D daily as my levels were dangerously low. I would also suggest that you have yourself tested for any vitamin/nutritional deficiencies. I have read that many of us suffer with low levels in iron, magnesium, vitamins D/B. I would also run by your doctor any naturopathic supplements you may wish to take as some can cause adverse reactions with certain prescribed medications.
Wishing you a super weekend, Patty:)


kentucky girl - May 2

Thanks Fantod for the advice on the vitamin B-12
I was seeing a doctor about a year and a half ago who did the natural hormone replacement. She tested me for all kinds of things and recommended sublingual B-12. I felt like her treatment was helping, but my health insurance wouldn't pay for it and I finally had to stop because of the cost. I think I will resume the vitamine B-12 also. I'm not sure whether she tested the adrenal or not. I think she probably did, but don't know what the results were. I will follow up on that. Even on the days that I don't have extreme pain, my low energy level keeps me from living a normal life. I get tired so easily. I'm learning to pace myself but it has been very hard since I was always a very active person. The FMS has really changed my life. I'm hesitatant to plan things anymore because I never know how I will feel. I hate being controlled by the FMS!! I'm still learning to cope with it even after 4 years.

Thanks for the info. I will give it a try.


Fantod - May 2

Be sure you get a B12 sublingual tablet that has folic acid for better asorption. Or just add a separate sublingual folic acid tablet and use them both at the same time. Many doctors and pharmacists are either not aware of this or just don't think to mention it. I've had two different nutritionists stress how important folic acid is when using B12. No point in using something if you are not going to get the full benefit. Take care.


kentucky girl - May 3

Thanks for the info. I will do a search and see if I can find the information on mitochondra dysfunction. I'm always looking for information that may be useful. I hope to find something that works. Like most of you, I have tried a lot of things. Most have not worked for extended periods though.

I try to stay positive, but sometimes it's hard.
The support here is fantastic.



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