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Has anyone missed me? I have been really ill.
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fibromite.u.k. - February 4

Hi there, I wonder if anyone has missed me posting on these boards at all. I have been out of action and in bed since 7th January. I felt so ill some days that I thought I was going to die. First of all I got swine flu (I assume you have it in the U.S. as well). It was dreadful, I was just being sick and having diahrrea all the time, high temp and aching worse that fibro is, and couldn't keep anything down, even water. This went on for three weeks. I was exhausted and so weak and think I must have been delerious for some of the time as I thought the ceiling fell down and that a tractor and digger went through the room!! While this was going on, I also got a nasty ear infection. My doctor found this out while she was visiting me and couldn't believe that I hadn't said I had ear ache, but I think I felt so ill, that everything hurt and I hadn't noticed it. Last weekend I began to eat tiny bits of food for the first time. I have lost 30lbs in weight, which is the only good part of it as I really need to loose weight. I don't loose weight easily even when I am ill, so this was a big surprise. Then this week the right side of my face became all swollen and the doctor said it looked like mumps, but of course it wasn't as I had that when I was a child. It turned out to be a swollen and blocked salivary gland and I may have some small stones to pass so I am back on antibiotics for the third time this year, which is not helping my stomach again, and has given me thrush in my mouth and throat. I had some blood tests and my electrolytes are all over the place so I am having to take sathets of replacement salts which taste yuk... Anyway, I am back, still in my pjs but able to look at this website and look at a few of the hundreds of emails that have piled up for me. It certainly seems that when us fibromites are ill, we are very ill, and don't do things by halves. Have a happy weekend to all. Love and blessings.


Auvonto - February 4

omg I am so happy that you are better. that was a hell of a month for you. i hope that you get even better soon (if there is a better for us)take it easy and get your rest dont rush it. [[hugs]]


Fantod - February 5

Yes, I did! I was thinking about you last night and realizing that since your finger operation, we've heard next to nothing. I'm sorry that you have been so ill. It sounds like you are finally on the mend. Take your time with everything, the rest of the world will just have to wait. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.


axxie - February 6

hey fibromyteUK happy you are back, I'm into reading post and not really into writing on as of lately anyway. You and a few others are really interesting when you write on the post and can relate with what you say.

Anyway I'm happy you lost the 30 lbs, keep up with the swelt body....

As I was reading, I'm into taking antibiotic for sinus and ear infection, I just hope the medication clear everything I'm due to take the plane for some sunshine and warmth for a week with my family.....


Stacey373 - February 7

Hi fibromite! I was wondering what happened to you! I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough getting sick with even a slight cold is never much fun, I can't imagine getting the swine flu! I'm glad that you are starting to feel better, take it easy and get lots of rest. Take Care and try to let us know how you are doing, Stacey :o)


fibromite.u.k. - February 8

Hi again and thanks for all your best wishes. I am improving, but very very slowly and even doing just a little bit, makes me exhausted and come out in a cold clammy sweat. I am still on anti biotics for the swollen salivery gland which is slowly going down in size and doesn't hurt so much.

What isn't helping is that, I can't seem to sleep at night at all, until after 7 in the morning and then when it is time to be awake and so on, I am ready to sleep for hours. I have tried forcing myself to keep awake all day but nothing is helping. It is really slowing down my recovery. I don't know why it has happened. Also I have some horrible peeling skin all over my hands. It looks just like eczema (which I do get) but it doesn't itch at all so can't be that. I keep smothering it in moisturising cream but as soon as it soaks in, the skin starts to peel again. It is really frustrating.

Still, I am miles better than I was. I have a very special birthday coming up in less than two weeks and am having a get together with close family members and friends and this is the first time in my life that I have had anything like a party, so I hope I have some more energy by then. We are having caterers to do it, so I don't have to do too much. My son is doing a small disco (not to loud and no flashing lights), for me and a bit of karaoke too, so it should be fun.

Thanks again to those of you who have posted. Gentle hugs to you all.


valjoy - February 8

Your poor darling. Try a gluten free diet, after being so ill it is sure to help you, that is all I can say. Stay off white bread, try rice bread or spelt bread, it has helped me heaps and great for the digestive system. No preservatives etc... PLEASE give it a go. God Bless. x


kvc33 - February 9

I hope your doctor explained to you that your electrolyte imbalance was due to the prolonged diarrhea you experienced. Anytime you have it for more than a few days you need to replenish the sodium and potassium you have lost. They are very important for heart function and I fear that you could have died from this. Children in third world countries often die from diarrhea. As for anti-biotics stay away from them if at all possible. They damage the immune system and cause candida overgrowth which is why you got thrush. If you are going to take them supplement with acidophilus pills at the same time.They will replenish the good bacteria that you need in your gut for proper digestion. You should be able to find them at a health food store. Some people recommend yogurt but it doesn't have near enough the amount of good bacteria in it that you need. As well, it is a dairy product which many people can't handle. I hope the rest of the year will be much better for you.


alivenotliving - February 20

Sorry to hear that you have been so sick :( and hope that you are feeling much better! XO



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