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Has anyone heard of Dr. St Amand and his treatment?
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RLFORTIN - September 12

Take guaifenesin and avoid products containing is supposed to reverse the symptons of Firo. He has a book on it.."What your Dr May not tell you about Fibromyalgia"
Just wondering if anyone has heard of this treaments or has tried it and what you thought of it?



kvc33 - September 12

I am familiar with his protocol. Some people swear it works but studies have shown that it is not an effective treatment for fibromyalgia.


axxie - September 12

Lets take this one by one, first we will talk about Completely eliminating salicylate from one’s diet and environment is virtually impossible and is not a recommended course of action by many immunologists.[citation needed] The range of foods that have no salicylate content is very limited, and consequently salicylate-free diets are very restricted. The Feingold Association says that salicylate-reduced diets (the Feingold Diet) can be used to treat hyperactivity, bed-wetting, and other symptoms associated with salicylate sensitivity. Most people will know right away if they have a reaction to salicylate, just by taking an aspirin. You can't be allergic but you can have a reaction to it. I doubt very much that this alone can reverse fibro.

guaifenesin is an expectorant, some people on this board used it and are probably still on it, yes, it can help but to reverse fibro, I would doubt very much.

Lifestyle changes, including diet, stress management, and pacing
Every case of fibromyalgia is different, and no treatment works for everyone. You'll probably need to work closely with your doctor to custom tailor a treatment regimen that helps you become more functional. Many people benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, which involves several healthcare providers.

Prognosis for People With Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition. While some people do experience long remissions, no one who's had fibromyalgia can truly say they don't have it any more.

As for the progression of the illness, it's hard to say whether your symptoms will get better or worse with time. Because fibromyalgia isn't degenerative, its course isn't clearly established like it is for many diseases.

Some experts say about a third of us will get worse, a third will improve significantly, and the remaining third will stay about the same. Some studies have linked early diagnosis and treatment to better long-term outcomes, but other than this it's unclear what role treatment plays in the progression, or lack thereof, of fibromyalgia.

Don't want to burst your bubble, but as you can read on this forum, everyone has different aches and pain, and try different things, to help manage their fibro. So of us, learned awhile ago that is takes lots of devotion and lots of time, to manage your fibro, where you can feel well most of the times.



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