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Has anyone had TMJ and Braces?
3 Replies
bmcgovern - July 4

I have TMJ and Braces and they are not helping my jaw feel better. I have had them on a little over two years. I am actually getting them off on July 12th so excited. :) My question is for people who have had braces and TMJ when you get your braces off does your jaw start to feel better?


Fantod - July 5

I have severe TMJ and have had braces twice. First as a kid and then again in my 40's. When my braces came off the first time I could not wear the retainer. It made the roof of my mouth swell. So, my teeth never had a chance to stay in the intended position.

Braces as an adult is not a fun experience. It is a lot harder to tolerate. If you have TMJ, you should still be wearing a bite guard even with the braces and after too. The braces will fix some of the problem but there is usually residual damage from the jaw problems that braces will not eliminate.

For example. my jaw muscles are now conditioned to spasm continually. I have a slight tremor in my lower jaw at all times. The only solution is a splint which I wear at night. In addition to that, you should have a TMJ specialist looking at your dental work to see if any of it is contributing to your discomfort by causing you to swivel your jaw or make some other unusual motion while chewing or opening and closing.

My TMJ was greatly improved after my second set of braces but I also required extenive dental work after I got them off. Would I do it again - absolutely.

Good luck and congratulations on surviving braces as an adult.


bmcgovern - July 6

Thanks. I will have to try that bite guard. Do you get the bit guard from a dentist? I have another question about TMJ. Do you ever get headaches from it? I get headaches a lot in my forehead above my eyes and sometimes around the left eye and underneath.


Fantod - July 6

Yes, the bite guard should be made by a dentist who specializes in TMJ. TMJ can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, balance problems and pain radiating into the arms. It is a very complex problem. Take care.



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