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Has anyone had success in breaking up muscle knots
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scottkuen - March 8

I have had good luck with a Lacrosse ball. You have to roll the area with the ball every day, multiple times a day. It hurts. Eventually, the muscle will turn from hard to stringy and then to normal. Keep it up. It works.


sophiegirl - April 10

Hi lol, just read your post, you describe me down to a tee, i just did a test for lactic acid and it was very high so i would get yourself tested for that, and do a google search for lactic acid buildup in muscles. hope this helps.


IBON4IT - April 28

Buy a 10" orbital buffer (the head kind of looks like a powder puff). They're made to buff cars. Use it right over your clothes. Gets rid of fibro knots, myofascial stuck skin, increases blood flow (makes you itch like crazy for a few minutes), relaxes stiff/sore muscles and even eventually smooths cellulite. Sounds like snake oil, right? Haha They're less than $30 at Home Depot or Loews. For that price you can afford to take the risk and try it. The only problem is that you'll need a buddy to do your back. Caution: Keep your hair away from the motor or you'll get scalped! Also, turn it off when it smells hot. You're going to be AMAZED. So simple. So cheap. So effective. Good luck!


Kali - February 11

My knots don't go away 100% but they reduce in size and decrease the pain signal they send to my face and brain.When I had a good acupuncturist, my shoulders were a lot less tense. She would do needling in the area to retrain it. I've been watching youtube videos about shoulder pain and working on the trigger points they identify. I've also been reading the articles about it, I think its called pain science. Right now I have a deep knot in my levator scapula but I worked on it for a few hours last night using a smooth pebble and my neck cracked on its own. I can finally move my head. It's sore but I think it's improving. I trying to remember to take ionic magnesium in a dropper every day. It helps my muscles calm down.


abbychic75 - May 13

Thank you for all of the information you provided. I think it's a tragedy that insurance doesn't pay for deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies.They would rather shove drugs down you, which often doesn't work/doesn't give much relief than pay for what I would consider Fibromyalgia Management. I have had many deep tissue massages, which actually helped, but I have had to stop because I can't afford them.



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