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Has anyone had success in breaking up muscle knots
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Fantod - February 3

I have had injections of sarapin which is a natural pain killer. It is a deriviative of the pitcher plant and completely nontoxic. Unlike cortizone, it does not cause tissue damage and can be used as often as needed. My rheumy uses it and so do holistic doctors. I used it to break the pain cycle in my lower back. The effect lasted about 6 months. I did not need to have more injections but I would certainly do it again if needed. Take care.


platypuss - February 5

I had spasms cramps and tightness. Worked on it for ages.Lots of physio, change of diet picking off one syptom after another.
Exit virus with antiviral, exit sac. hip and back pain [removed starch from diet], magnesium/B6/manganese mix lowered pain, msm lowered pain, niacinamide lowered pain.
Good foods were fat free red meat, cabbage, fish and fish oil, oranges, beetroot, then carrot.
Finally I discovered that someone else found it was lack of a enzyme [CPT] so I took carnitine.
Still not quite. ------ Vitamin B6 was the answer with support from B2 and minerals.
I think fibromyalga is probably the mix of metabolic altering genetics some of us have.
I cannot eat animal fat. A piece of soft fatty beef makes me physically ill. The fat and toxic byproducts of faulty metabolism ends up in the muscles.
Carnitine and aspro helps me sleep and I sleep well now.
I have no muscle pain now unless I neglect my diet and supplements.- quite a relief.
Take a look under metabolic myopathies


saltire - February 11

Hi, my 16 year old daughter has just recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, for years now she has had pain in her back, she has had an area at the top of her back which has been lumpy (and extremely painful) she has been going to physical therapy (for the 3rd time in a year) as she has horrible upper and lower back and hip pain, her pelvis on the right side rotates forward ) and they started doing what is called the Graston Technique she feels it helps, it doesnt take the lumps away but definately breaks them up to give her some relief.


alivenotliving - February 16

iliveinpain: I agree with Fontad on the injections. I am absolutely terrified of needles, but even more horrified at the pain and knots in my back shoulder blades and my neck. Some days it is so painful that I feel I can no longer hold the weight of my head on my shoulders. I started getting the injections and was amazed at the result. I was scared to death, but the procedure didn't hurt like I imagined...I only had a little pain after the procedure...and the knots subsided for nearly 3 months before I needed to get another injection. It was well worth it for me and may be something to consider. I wish you of the very worst parts of this whole thing for me is the pain there and hope you can find some relief soon.


alivenotliving - February 17

I forogt to mention that I have also invested in a tens unit/muscle stimulator...It helps me relax those muscles a bit as well. I love it!


polo - February 17

i also have a TENS unit from Pinook... works wonders but pain comes back afterwards usually

gonna look into the sarapin shots myself... praying it works cuz feel this will follow me forever and thats not good


AMarieB - April 19

Just wondering if you've gotten any relief a few years later. I don't have fibromyalgia, but I do have the same problem with my neck and upper back -- sooo many knots up there, for years, and massages, PT, stretching, etc. don't seem to make a difference. I'm finally at my wit's end about it and looking for answers. I'll ask my dr. about trigger point injections but wondering if anything else has worked.


iliveinpain - April 19

Hi AMarie, Unfortunately no relief as of yet, I'm still living the same knotted up existence. I just deal with it by massage, stretches, heat and pain meds. I've learned to accept this is my fate. If you find anything that helps, please share. Good luck to you!


Jocelyn - April 30

Yes, I have had great success in breaking up muscle knots. It took time but it paid off. I went to physical therapy and had laser NOT ultrasound treatments and the laser helped me out so much. I haven't gone back for a long time. I am improving on my own now and am able to move and flex so much better.


MarymPed - May 7

I like accupuncture therapy and taking magnesium. Our ins. doesn't cover most alternative therapies though.


January - May 20

I posted earlier about my muscle knots disappearing with injections of lidocaine and deep massages. Also, since I've gone gluten free (6 years now) I have not had any more muscle knots develop.


tiredmomma - June 8

I'm new to this forum and am SO glad I found this website! I've been struggling for 7 years with weird fibro problems ever since the birth of my son. These knots you speak of are terrible! The only thing that helps with mine is massage. Does anyone else get them on your shoulders near your shoulder blades and neck? I'm also a newly diagnosed Celiac (found out this week) and wondered if these are comorbid conditions. Any input would be fabulous!
Thanks and hope everyones pain gets some better!


January - June 20

Hi tiredmomma - I have learned a lot from checking in here the last few years! Glad to hear you are finding it helpful too. As I mentioned briefly above, I had terrible pain from muscle knots around my shoulder blades. The knots are now completely gone, and have stayed gone. I had them treated with lidocaine injections by an anesthesiologist. He used a very fine needle. (Lidocaine is an anesthetic, but a big bore needle is too painful to use and some doctors don't know that.) For each treatment, he would inject one knot several times, at different angles. Lidocaine works, in some way, to dissolve the knotted up muscle tissues - then your body can repair the muscle correctly. I believe I had about 3 treatments on each big muscle knot - I also was getting regular massages at the time and they helped to break up the knots too. Also… I used to have tiny hard lumps under my skin - like if I ran my finger along my arm, I could feel something like tiny rice grains between the skin and the bone. Those tiny lumps are completely gone since I went gluten free.

I've been gluten free for about 6 years. It has really helped! Celiac causes a host of health issues that show up as you get older. You can't fix all the damage done by years of malabsorption, but you can help yourself feel better and prevent further damage by going gluten free. I highly recommend the book Dangerous Grains by James Braly and Ron Hoggan. There is an appendix in the back that lists MANY conditions linked to celiac/gluten. A number of them are also linked with the syndrome called "fibromyalgia," (e.g., fatigue, pain, depression, GI issues, joint pain, brain fog, etc.) After years of being treated for fibro, I have my doubts as to whether fibro is an actual disease entity, or just a great way for drug companies to sell antidepressants and anticonvulsants - and an easy out for doctors who don't bother with a careful diagnostic workup to find the real reasons for your problems. You are LUCKY you got diagnosed with celiac - most people never find out they have it.

I no longer take any "fibro drugs," and am much better since I quit them and cleaned up my diet. It took almost a year of being gluten free to really notice the difference. It's a tricky diet to learn, gluten is hidden in many things - and companies change their recipes. Gluten is in a lot of cosmetics and lotions too. Some say if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin either! There are several organizations online that help people learn how to live gluten free and have forums to talk with others about it. Good luck to you, I think after 6 months on the diet, you will feel MUCH better! Let us know how you are progressing.


Sonja44 - June 27

I go to a Massage Therapist twice a month and wish I could afford once a week. Seriously, I would be able to function without Massage. I have a knot under my left shoulder blade that feels like a critter lives there. Moist heat also helps me.


Sonja44 - June 27

Wouldn't be able to function...LOL


galloway - July 13

My physio has used acupuncture and I felt that this helped with pain management for a bit of time. Gave me some relief. I just close my eyes when the needles are going in and open them when they are out. Sometimes the muscles are so tight I feel them and she has to adjust. But I found well worth it. Trying to manage pain without meds.



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