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Has anyone experienced this with FM?
4 Replies
fibromama - June 8

My mom has fibromyalgia and a very stressful daily life to go with it.She has 2 severely autistic and retarded children who cause a lot of stress on a daily basis as well as an inability to rest her body.Anyhoo,for the past 6 days she has been having severe charlie horse type cramps in her legs,especially her right leg all the way from her groin to her toes.The first "attack" had her screaming and wailing so loudly that I rushed the 45 miles from my house to hers for fear that she was sounded like she was dying.She was having cramps and nerve pain that came on like labor contractions.This went on for three hours that evening.She tried to walk....tried anything that might make it stop.Afterwords,her nose,lips,cheeks,head and hands and legs were numb with no feeling in them at all.She was sweating profusely to the point she thought she was having a heart attack.She was very scared as were me and my sister.She is only 49.For the last three days,her legs have been in a constant state of charlie horse or leg cramp and have been very painful.She also has twitches that are so bad it is very much like a seizure and the pain seems to be a little better after a seizure.The other night she had another attack like the one that made me rush to her house and following the attack had a big seizure.She has been crying for 6 days and not able to sleep.She takes hydrocodone for pain which only takes the pain down a few notches,but doesn't provide much relief at all.In my 30 years of living,I have never ever seen my mom cry over pain,so I know it must be pretty intense for her to be crying for six days.Not to get too personal,but she also has not had a BM in 6 days either,yet her tummy does not hurt or anything.Weird!I got her some icy hot and that seems to help a little as well as the pain pill,but with the special needs children,she is constantly being required to move and walk on her cramped legs,I wonder if this is part of why this flare up is lasting so long.She has had fibro flare ups before but this pain and situation is new for her.She had kidney cancer about 15 years ago,and so only has one kidney which limits the meds she can take.Her doc tried her on Cymbalta,but it made her deathly ill and with the kids she can't wait the 2 weeks it takes for the side effects to lessen.Oh, and she also has lumps appearing on her calf behind her knee that are about the size of a golf ball and painful to the touch.....this is new as well.Her knee is also very painful and burning.I have tried looking up these symptoms on google and fibro websites,but they are very vague,I thought it best to talk to fellow sufferers and see if anyone else has experienced this.Please let me know so I can tell her.It really helps her when I can tell her she is not the only one,because she gets scared.She says that fibro feels like there is something very wrong with her of a fatal nature.Thank you in advance for any words of support or encouragement.I forgot to mention that she also has osteoarthritis and degenerative spine disease.Maybe these could be aggravating her FM?


axxie - June 9

hello fibromama

An easy solution, what she has is a depletion of calcium and magnesium.

Try drinking glass of milk and eating a piece of cheeze prior to bedtime.

What I would do is make sure she takes a vitamin supplement there is calcium and magnesium and adding milk and cheeze, should do the trick.

Good luck


fibromama - June 9

I have gotten her to take a multi vitamin as well as a B complex.She has just recently started this,so we shall see.I have also gotten her to drink more water as she does not drink water unless to take her meds.She said last night that she feels like the cramps and nerve pain are finally receding,Yaaaaaay!!!Let's keep our fingers crossed.


chaplin - June 10

Hi fibromama
I also have been experiencing horrible charlie horses/cramps. It is sudden and can hurt for hours. It does not look like a seizure but my hands can stay in a cramped position for a long time. I have to pry them open and stretch them out. I get them in my legs and feet too. I have been to the dr. and have all my blood work come back saying I am OK with all vitamins that may be causing this problem. I would seek medical attention I have been told that there are many reasons for this problem. One could be her thyroid - lower thyroid levels cause sever muscle cramps. They have not yet figured out why I am experiencing these problems but I will be seeing a neurologist and I am waiting for test results. If she does find out what is causing this. would you please let us know - this can help other people experiencing this problem. For me some days are better than others but it is a really scary pain that comes back without any particular reason.
It is so nice to see that you are taking care and helping out your mother she is lucky to have you.
please keep us posted.


axxie - June 10

Hi fibromama

Everything you are describing is a delpletion of calcium and magnesium, the lumps behind the calf are call bakers cysts, or known as a popliteal cyst, is a pocket of joint fluid that forms a lump behind the knee. It's usually painless, on occasion the fluid can tear open and drain into the lower leg tissues, causing pain and swelling.

This cyst may increase in size when a person stands, she may find discomfort when the knee is completely bent or straight. As swelling or pain increase, best thing is to avoid squatting or kneeling. At night icing and wrapping the knee may help reduce the swelling.

If after a few weeks, she still has the same persistent pain and swelling has not gone down, I would go see the doctor, the doctor can give steroid injection and/or drain the fluid out.

As for the bm the best advice to do is eat a well balance meals with some fibro and loads of water to wash it down. Don't forget she will need to do a little tlc on herself, a nice hot bath, sauna, not forgetting her calcium and taking a multivitamin, probiotic to help the bm moving and less of coffees, teas, colas, red meats and sugar.

Good luck to you and your mom.

If she gets to depleted, it will take time to build up the immune system, so it's important that she takes her multivitamin and b6, b12, etc.



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