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has anyone ever moved to a different climate?
17 Replies
freedomwithin - August 19

I live in MN and am convinced that most of my fibro is allergy related to the drastic temperature changes. I went on vacation for 10 days to Co. and actually started to feel a little relief with the dry air verses the humidity that I live in. I'm now home and my head again feels like it's going to explode with pressure, dizziness etc..


solanadelfina - August 20

Hi, there, I'm in MN too! I'll agree that it's really not the ideal state to be in for this, between the scorching, dripping summers and below zero winters. (Spring and fall seem to go easier.) I'm also curious to hear how this thread goes, especially any coastal locales.

If I may, how has your luck been finding doctors around here?


axxie - August 20

Hi, there, well I lived in Ottawa, so I guess I got the same kind of weather as you do.
I lived in Texas, it was hot and humid, but seem to be able to function better as long as I didn't go out when it was extremely hot out.
I lived in London, England the weather can be rather depressing when it's winter and it rains, but found that I could not stay warm for some reason.
I now live in Canada and I have also the scorching hot humid summers (actually this summer has been raining and raining and humid) that does not help. I also be the below zero winters and they last a long time. (Winter is not my best time as I seem to suffer from aches and pains more often).
I lived in Hawaii for three years and found the weather to be the best for my fibro, I hardly had any flare ups in the three years and my head was clear. (Don't know if it's a state your in or the fact people seem to take it slower).
None of the other cities compare to each other but found more daylights helps me the most.


crafter8 - August 20

I have been monitoring symptoms and relating these to the weather . I am in Illinois and have weather just like yours. My husband works in Missouri, and when i visit him, its a little better. I do best in areas with hot weather, low humidity and dew points. I also love being near the oceans, the states near it seem to not bother me as much. I HATE our cold, cold, winters!


freedomwithin - August 20

I can't even count the doctors I've been to the last two yrs. I actually went thru the pain management clinic at the Mayo. That's where they confirmed I had fibro. They basically told me that I had to learn to live with it and accept it. I now go to the university of Mn pain clinic about once a month and it has helped. They don't prescribe a bunch of drugs and walk you thru a program that teaches you to live with it. The mayo wasn't big on prescribing drugs either because of the damage drugs can do over time. I take tylenol for pain and that's about it. I do know I felt so much better in colorado with the dry air though. I hate MN. and can't leave at this point. Today is not good because it is damp out and I can feel it in my head.


freedomwithin - August 20

I agree with the pace people live also has something to do with it. In Co. people seem slower, calmer and more relaxed. Where I live people run and run. I've slowed down over the last yr and I know people view me as lazy but I don't care. That's all part of it to, not letting people get to you.


jarobinson21 - August 21

I live in TN which is extremely humid and hot in summers, I find that I hurt more on the more humid and hot days. But when I lived in Northern Cali on the bay, I felt quite better. It never got over 75 degrees in the summer. I do miss it.


mimosette - August 24

same here, and humid kills me


axxie - August 25

Well if we ever live somewhere else it will have to be about hot, with low humidity.

That'l be a while, my daughter is just entering grade 12, then its on to University, that's another 4 years. After that,its on to Miami to study for her doctorate. That's when, hubby will retire and we will all move to Miami.

Hubby still has his heart on Texas, will see I guess!


mimosette - August 25

MIAMI ????????????? (equal to hell in my mind)


Fantod - August 25

I live in MI. I have huge problems with humidty and high heat. I am heat intolerant and go absolutely nuts if I am outside too long in anything above 80 degrees. I want to tear my skin off. Cold seems to be less of an issue but any changes in the weather really bother me.


crafter8 - August 26

today in ill. it is foggy humid out there and it matches my brain. today i happen to go to the rheumy also so will run it pass him. next week we go to texas to visit my son and will check on weather there...maybe i can be the weather forecaster for fms, if i can remember it!


wolffin - August 26

I did live in south east Louisiana, couple of years ago moved to central Washington state. Its much cooler and dryer here. My hands don't feel quite as swollen doctor has told me being in outside heat can make it worse and cause some swelling. Also I have a problem with itchy rash's this has improved with the dryer climate. Still get them but back home in the hot south I would break out bad. The trade off is the cold in the winter Ick! is all i can say about it.


brooksidefarm - September 22

Thank you for all your comments! I was diagnosed earlier this year and just have such frustration. I have a 5 1/2 year old son, and am used to being active and athletic, and now can barely keep the house cleaned. I live in northern IL and am constantly aching - even the bottoms of my feet. We just came back from 10 days in CO over Labor Day and was in elevations of 6500-8500 the entire time. I felt fantastic! NO pain. Hiked every day, slept well and am ready to go back in a couple months to see if I have the same experience.


axxie - September 22

Colorado probably works best in the summer but what about winter? I do believe it's so much where you live as much as it's the weather/temperature changes that hit us.

Anywhere warm and even weather cycles makes it for us.


brooksidefarm - September 22

Thanks. I thought about that too, but at this point if I had half the year where I felt good I would feel saved!


texasteddy - September 22

I have just recently moved from Canada (north of Toronto) where my symptoms first appeared. I actually had frost bite from walking around the house in bare feet. We chose to move back to Texas, hoping that my symptoms would subside in the warmer weather. I honestly believe our symptoms are affected more by stress than climate. When you describe being on vacation, your symptoms subside. However, because every sufferer I have met is also a Type-A personality, it is easier to relax and not stress all over everything when we are out of our "home" climate. It is more important to change our way of dealing with life and stressors than to change our location. Just my observations.



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