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has anyone been DX with SIBO
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jrzgirl1 - March 15

i am going for the breath test tomorrow, if positive, they give an antibiotic which I cannot take and even if i could it cost $145.00 a month AFTER ins
I am in so much pain, constipation terrible, I have been eating salads, veg and bread, cookies or cake and tons of water


Noca - March 17

I've done breath tests before but I don't know if it was to test for SIBO or not. I never got any antibiotics to get anyways. Tell me the name of the antibiotic and the dose and I'll see if I can find it cheaper in my network of friends and pharmacies(and I mean A LOT cheaper than $145).


kvc33 - March 18

Oil is really good for constipation. Try olive oil or fish oil capsules. Also low back massage and walking can get a person 'going'.


Noca - March 18

oh and OTC magnesium citrate will treat your constipation that I overlooked.


jrzgirl1 - March 18

I had the test on Wed, it came back normal..neg for sobo, told me to eat Allbran(Cereal) 1/2 cup a day for 7 days and then call him(Dr)
I had to take a dose of Miralax just to get myself cleaned out, not much help, eating alot of fruit,veg, salads , I have to stop the coffee I gues and sugar free creamer. STRESS does not help and you all know how much stress I have, my husband has been nothing but added stress and I even ignore his comments but I keep it inside. I am really tired, not much sleep, maybe 15 hr in over a 10 day time frame
Any suggestions as to what to eat to help, I read not to eat much red meat I do take fish oil and love olive oil but at every meal he starts with something


jrzgirl1 - March 18

I meant SIBO


Fantod - March 18

jrzgirl1 - I can not imagine how uncomfortable you must be. Constipation can be part of IBS. You might want to consider adding "prebiotics" (they feed the good bacteria in your gut) and "probiotics" (they add good bacteria to your gut) to assist in moving things along. These items are inexpensive and can be found in the refrigeration section of the health food store. Take care and feel better.



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