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Has Any Read or Tried From Fatigued to Fantastic
4 Replies
vavaughn - April 8

I was wondering if anyone has read the book From Fatigued to Fantastic or tried the supplement named after the book, Fatigued to Fantastic: Engery Revitalization System? I am looking for any feedback on the book, the suggestions in the book and the supplement.

With the help of my doctor I have been able to get my pain to a tolerable level with mostly prescription medications. However, my fatigue still plagues me. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have on helping fatigue.

As always thank you for your continued suggestions, advice, help and support?


lacey - April 12

Hi va, nope haven't read any books on fatigue or fibro. I can't concentrate long enough. I'm trying Lyrica at the moment and it's helping ( sort of) with my fatigue. It's the heat that mostly that effects me. Now that the weather is cooling off here, I find I'm not tired during the day.


January - April 12

Read the book ages ago, and started trying different supplements back then - I have found quite a few that work for me. (We are all different!) Make sure you check with your doctor for interactions, etc.

As for the fatigue, I've posted my list elsewhere, but my most helpful supplements are Jarrow's Ubiquinol (a form of Co Q-10); DHEA (low dose); DMAE/H3 liquid drops; gingko; huperzine.

I'm trying D-ribose powder. It didn't help at first, but now I think it does. I know Fantod has mentioned a form of D-ribose she takes (I think it is "Corvalen?") Perhaps you have to build it up in your system, or let your body use it a while before you notice a difference. Ribose is the sugar used to manufacture DNA and RNA. One theory is that our exhaustion is caused by problems with the mitochondria - which manufacture energy. (Interesting, I've just learned that certain viruses attack the mitochondrial DNA!) So anything you can do to support your mitochondrial energy system and also your immune system might help.

For my immune system, I take things like olive leaf, Vitamin C, echinacea (sometimes) and colostrum - but I can't say I've noticed a big difference. As I posted before, I noticed a BIG lessening of fatigue, pain and brain fog when I took antivirals. (I also noticed a BIG drop in my muscle pain and depression when I went gluten free, but it took a year to kick in.)

I'm reading about viral causes for chronic fatigue and have found a lot of evidence that viruses that attack the central nervous system may be responsible for brain fog and extreme fatigue - maybe they tie in to the pain also. Have you ever had a really severe flu? There are some viruses that never leave you and cause problems later. You could try googling for things like "viral causes of chronic fatigue" if you're interested in that area. Then, the hard part is getting a doctor to work with you. (I have put some info in other posts.) You also might want to check into some websites like "CFS central" that deal with fatigue.

Good luck, keep on learning and trying out new things until you get better! I'm better, but it's due to my own efforts, educating myself, and experimenting on myself - and not due to any doctor's advice. I believe there's a cure for everything - and there is one (or several) for fibro and fatigue. We just have to find it! Take care and let us know if you find anything interesting! : )


vavaughn - April 12

Thank you January! I am starting to find that the vitamins I posted about almost a week ago are helping the fatigue. I have been more alert than in the last week than I don't know how long. DHEA and Ubiquinol were 2 other supplements I have been reading about and getting curious. I'm glad to hear they work for you. Of course after the doctor's thumbs-up, I might have to give them a try.

I am trying to learn everything I can. Like now, I think I've suffered from fibro for at least 15 years. My flare were just always dismissed as something else (costochondritis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, migraines, etc.) just no one ever put the pieces together.

Thank you again for taking the time to post your experiences. I think they always help! Let me know how the D-ribose powder works out.


January - April 13

Vavaughn - I forgot to mention that acetyl L-carnitine has really made a difference in my energy level too! I take a combination of that and alpha-lipoic acid by Source Naturals. I think Ubiquinol is pretty safe at 100-150 mg dose. DHEA is a bit controversial, but a lot of anti-aging drs. use it. The problem is it's a precursor to several hormones, and some people think it might stimulate hormonal cancers if you have them. I've read that some doctors prescribe 50-100 mg of DHEA. I read another dr. who says never take more than 5 mg. I take 10 mg (20 mg on a rare occasions) and so far so good. It helps me, and I'll take the risk - it's a low dose.

Google "ubiquinol benefits" and check out the first posting by a site with rejuvenation-science in the title! Interesting info (and site) - at the bottom it notes a couple drug interactions. I have read that if you are taking any kind of cholesterol lowering meds, you probably need to supplement with Co Q-10 - but Ubiquinol is a much more effective form of Co Q-10.

And thank YOU for posting about the pro-health site. It was good!



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