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Has any had the problem of Dyslexia???
8 Replies
belle1329 - January 29

I cant take it anymore, I keep mixing my numbers up. I am messing up at work its getting so bad. Also when typing words I keep putting the letters backwards no matter how how I try to pay attention it comes out wrong, Any suggestins. Im afraid Im gonna have a problem at work :(


iliveinpain - January 29

hi belle, I've been having the same problems. When I type, the letters are always going backwards too, and I've just been saying that I now have finger dyslexia. I HATE FIBRO!! It's always something!!


belle1329 - January 29

again, we are not alone :) If I dont type the letters backwards, I forget them!! I just hope this dyslexia of the fingers and eyes, does not get worse. If Im feeling well one way something else happens another, as you say, It IS always something :( Have a nice weekend, thanks for responding :)


Noca - January 29

I dont know if i have Dyslexia but I usually read pages from bottom to top or at least paragraphs from bottom to top. I'm just weird I guess.


Canada17 - January 29

Oh yes! And numbers are the worst for me. But I often wix up my mords too! lol (mix up my words)

Paying attention does help but does not eliminate it. I always have to double check EVERYTHING!


Fantod - January 30

I have the same problem with typing and numbers. A trick an editor taught me makes it easier to spot mistakes. Check your work by reading it backwards word by word. For some reason, it is easier to catch mistakes that way. I am really sleep deprived right now and my errors are way worse than usual. I hope this helps. Take care.


[email protected] - January 31

hi there, im dawn from south wales uk , ive had fibro for 9 long yrs !!! and the mixing up of words and numbers are commen place for me. i find the more i think about it the worse it gets ! and sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes ! i try not to worry about it the pains the thing that is realy getting to me !!! ive been on pain killing medication for the 9 yrs and now have been told to take anti depression medication and im scared dont know what to do ? should i take more tablets ? or just give up on ever having a life !! im stuck in the house day after day going slightly mad !! ha ha ! well enough of my moaning !do take care xxx


ptalana - February 1

It takes me ten minutes to type out a paragraph! Thank goodness for spellcheck!!! I even have a hard time talking now, constantly tripping over words. What can ya do???
Hugs, Patty


axxie - February 1

Yep, got the same, takes me longer to form coherent messages especially when I have to respond to an email.

Numbers, dates are something else for me, I constantly have to recheck everything and will try to read them backwards, hopefully that will help me.

As for speech, I talk gibberish, even after rehearsing what I say in my head, there's always a word or two that don't come out right.... I loose my train of thought and the list goes on....

I hate fibro, I hate what I have become, I'm starting to think that I won't be able to work long, I mean I'm really slow in working and feel I have no talent....

I used to be motor mouth, had some intelligence, was able to problem solve, had attention and memory and good health.

I wonder if they treated us with medication for people who are ADD woudl help? Anyone who are on medication and do they find it helps....



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