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hard time recovering from surgery
3 Replies
JavaGirl - March 10

Is it just me, or does it take us FMSers longer to recover from surgery? I had a laparoscopic gall bladder removal about 4 weeks ago and I still don't feel up-to-par. Anyone else have a tough time recovering from things?


hellou - March 10

Hi Javagirl, my experience was almost the same.I had a laparoscopy in August last year. I felt absolutely fantastic for five days after surgery. I could have taken on the world if I had not been restricted by my wounds and stitches ! I really thought that my FM had been miraculously cured somehow during the op. However after the five days of feeling wonderful I crashed back into the 'fibro world.' and struggled for some weeks after.I think that we are so hyper sensitive to everything that the drugs given in surgery and the general trauma of it all just makes things worse. You just need to rest up for a while longer and take each day as it comes.Hoping you feel better soon.


tnichel - March 12

I had the same procedure to remove my gall bladder in 2000. At the time, I had not yet been diagnosed with fm but quite a few of the symptoms were there. After the surgery, I started sleeping 12 hours a day and could barely function. I never got back to my post surgery health. No matter what I tried the pains and exhaustion got worse until I began cutting out more and more activites from daily life. and 7 years later I got my fm diagnosis, along with lupus. Now I'm finally getting a glimpse of what it feels to be normal like other people...well, normal for me and that means less bad days than in the past.. I don't know if any of this helps. But sharing may help flush out some patterns with fm.


Fantod - March 13

Yesterday, I had a mole removed from my back. I have a few stitches but it was not a big deal. However, when I woke up this morning I felt like I had been run over by a train. I can not believe how uncomfortable I am everywhere except where the stitches are in place. Totally ridiculous but I think that it makes the case that any surgery is especially difficult to recover from if you have FMS.



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