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hands and feet numbness
4 Replies
stevekc - August 26

Iam Suffering from a very acute numbing feeling in my hands and feet ,especially my right hand. This feels like pins and needles and is constant . When i use my hands to do any day to day tasks ie driving or gripping on to anything etc, the bones in them start to throb and ache .Iam also liable to drop things occasionally because i have almost no feeling in them at times. My feet also tingle constantly especially when iam in my bed at night and when i start to walk on them they also start to throb and ache .Are these typical fms symptoms or not ,can anyone shed some light on this for me. of course these are just one of many side affects of fms that iam suffering from at the moment.


javabean - August 29

I posted a similar question above. I have not been diagnosed with FMS yet. My symptoms started about 5 mos ago, and have been mild until this month. Tingling/Numbness is almost my primary complaint right now, so now I am unsure if this is FMS. I have no pain associated with the tingling (other than the usual random muscle pains all over). I don't drop things. My tingling used to be random and mild but now it is moderate/severe and worsens when I lean on my limbs or exercise. I am not sure if this is typical of FMS?


rcrchick29 - August 29

I have alot of tingling and numbness in both my arms, hands, legs and feet. I have been told this is fms, but i also have some one sided numbness at times too. I dont know what kind of doctor you are seeing but you might want to consult a neurologist just to make sure something else isnt going on. I know they sent me for carpal tunnel test and both arms were mild to moderate carpal tunnel so that explains some of mine. But i have also been checked for MS, and right now i have no lesions on my MRI of the brain, but i have had several spells and several irregular exams so they are not totally ruling that out also. Just make sure you follow up and ask your md if you need to be seen by a neurologist, unfortunately it is a long long process of ruling out other diseases. Hang in there!! It is nice to have a place like this for everyone to get support from other people suffering!! :)


linda brown - September 29

this can be related to fms, because i suffer with also, i've had problems like this for ever seems like, but was told i have fibro since 2003, i drop things sometimes too


doll1966 - September 30

Hi, new here. Finally (formally) diagnosed last week. I too had severe tingling/numbness/pain in lower legs and especially feet. I now have left hand pain, tingling, burning and trouble grasping and holding things. Neuro said it was from a nerve in my neck, and hand specialist said carpal tunnel. Nerve tests on arms legs are normal. Rheumo said it was fibro. Amazing all these specialists have no idea, I think they just guess half the time. Anyway, I started Lyrica for the nerve pain and tingling in legs 30 days ago. It has made a big difference, although I still have slight tingling in left foot. My feet still ache a little when walking, but I think I'm just so used to the pain, I don't notice it as much as I did in the past. I started Lyrica at 150 mgs a day, and am now up to 450 mgs a day. Fortunately, I haven't had any side effects, except a little bloating. What does your doctor say? It's very uncomfortable, annoying feeling that should be addressed.



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