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hands and arms
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michelle J - November 20

I have been having such hand and arm pain that even with all of my daily meds I had to have cortizone shots in the elbows , my arms were / are so bad I feel like people around me look at me like I'm on something . I have to ruband stretch all of the time cant sit still. does anyone have this problem. what helps?


Fantod - November 20

michelle J - I hope that you are not having cortisone shots on any kind of a regular basis. With extended use, cortisone can cause a lot of tissue damage.

I'd recommend a couple of other options. First of all you can have your doctor write you a script for Ketoprofen 20% with lidocaine. This is a pain killing cream that has to be made by a compound pharmacy. There are compound pharmacies everywhere. If one is not convenient to your home, the script can be faxed and they will mail the medication to you. It is best used on clean, warm skin (like after a hot shower). Don't layer it - use rubbing alcohol prior to reapplying it.

You could also try Arnica tablets which are made by Boiron and can found at any decent health food store. I use 30x strength. This is a sublingual medication which must be used in a specific manner. You dissolve the tablets under your tongue - they taste mildly sweet. No eating, drinking, tooth brushing or smoking a half an hour before OR after using the tablets. You could also buy Arnica gel which is like a sports cream and also works very well. Arnica is very good for muscle pain and inflammation.
Make sure you understand how to use this supplement and any risks associated with it.

My last option is to find a holistic doctor who uses Sarapin. Sarapin is a derivative of the pitcher plant. It is not toxic to tissue and is an excellent pain reliever. I have had this injected into trigger points in my lower back. It was extremely effective and lasted about 6 months. The beauty of sarapin is that it can be used regularly without any of the side effects associated with cortisone.

I hope my comments are useful to you in some way. Take care.



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