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JW - September 25

Does anyone else have hands that are red and burn? I feel like mine are constantly on fire. My feet do it too. I can't seem to find anything that helps it. Any advice out there?


JJ1 - September 25

I am sorry, I don't have any tips to help you. Are you having any other FMS symptoms and are you taking any medications? I have found relief for many of my symptoms by using Elavil. It helps me get into the deep sleep needed to feel rested. My hands do not burn, but I have red blotchy palms. I have had the redness for quite some time, well before I was diagnosed with FMS, but it did take a while for me realize something was wrong and then to get diagnosed. One thing I have noticed, the more stressed I get, the more inflamed my palms look. Have you noticed any patterns to when you feel the worst (like after a poor night's rest or in response to stress)?


BrandyO - September 25

JW, I don't have this problem altho my hands are very dry and itch, especially now that the fall and winter months are coming. My mother in law has something similar to what you describe and she always blames it on her arthritis altho she does have fibro too. Maybe it is neurological since you say they feel as tho they are on fire. I hope you fine relief soon! Take care, Brandy


AmberRose - September 26

I get this horrible sensation in my wrists and fingers my fingers ache and get a swollen feeling and my wrists i can not even begin to decribe the feeling in my wirsts...i find though that if i wrap them in a tensor so i cant move my wrists it does not hurt as much and its at least bearable..when i get this pain it last anywhere form a day to two weeks so far. Its a long time to wear a brace type thing but it sure helps...i bought a tensor bandage from walmart that was about 20 dollars.,i call it a brace cause thats what it looks like, it ocmes with a splint allready sewed into it and it can be use on either the left or the right hand. My hands do go red as well and i get it in my feet too but not as bad as my hands.
Hope that helps! Feel better soon!


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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