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jwm - November 21

Hi everyone,

Does anyone's hands hurt and feel tight? I have noticed them much worse lately. I think it is from the colder weather. Please let me know I am really worried about this.


JJ1 - November 21

Yes, my hands feel tight and swollen at times (although they never appear swollen and my rings still fit.) I live in FL, so it is not a cold weather issue for me. This can also be a symptom of Raynaud's Syndrome if it is related to cold weather so you may want to mention it to your doc on your next visit.


jwm - November 21


Wouldn't Raynauds mean I have a really bad disease? What is the serious disease you have if you have Raynauds also? Now I am scared.


JJ1 - November 21

from this site: "Raynaud’s phenomenon is a disorder of the circulatory system that causes numbness, tingling, and discoloration of the fingers and toes. Often brought on by exposure to cold weather or intense emotional stress, Raynaud’s attacks (also called vasospasms) leave the sufferer with a lack of feeling in the affected area. Generally, Raynaud’s disease is not serious, however, prolonged attacks can leave the sufferer with severe tissue damage, skin ulcerations, and even gangrene. --------

Between 5% and 10% of the American population is thought to be affected by Raynaud’s syndrome. More women than men tend to suffer from the disorder, and it usually onsets between the ages of 15 and 40. It is estimated that between 30% and 50% of people with fibromyalgia symptoms experience Raynaud’s phenomenon too. Raynaud’s disease often exacerbates the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia, so sufferers should consult their health care practitioner for treatment advice.----

Types of Raynaud’s Phenomenon
There are two main types of Raynaud’s disease:

Primary Raynaud’s Phenomenon: This form of the disease occurs on its own, and is not caused by an underlying connective tissue disease. This type of Raynaud’s appears much more commonly and tends to be mild. It is usually caused by repetitive muscle strain due to activities like typing or playing the piano.

Secondary Raynaud’s Phenomenon: Secondary Raynaud’s is a much more serious disorder that tends to have greater side effects. It is caused by a connective tissue or muscle disease, such as lupus, scleroderma, or fibromyalgia syndrome. Secondary Raynaud’s is also associated with greater complications than Primary Raynaud’s disorder."


tnichel - November 21

I had painful hands, especially between the thumb and pointer finger, years before I was diagnosed with Fibro. I multiple x-rays and bloods tests for ra that turned up nothing. It was really frustrating. So this might be yet another symptom of fibro you have yet to experience. Also are you doing a lot of repetitive work with your hands? Playing games on my cell phone made it alot worse along with typing. Now I use an ergonomic keyboard and do not play cell phone games. Maybe you need to give your hands a good rest. Good Luck.


HeatherL - November 30

My hands, arms, and knees really bother me in all the weather changes in the spring and fall. They are REALLY bad now. I find hot baths and showers useful. I also exercise in hope of alleviating the pain. Mention this to your doc. :)


Gabbie - November 30

Hi jwm. Discomfort in the hands is a characteristic of fibro so don't worry and add more stress. I have it also and in the colder weather (which we're getting now) if my hands get cold, my fingertips also get numb and I also have that tight feeling. I also having a burning sensation from my elbows down my arms right into the hands. Not pleasant but I don't have Raynauds, it's just another symptom of the fibromyalgia. I find that massaging my hands helps to get the circulation going again. Wear gloves or mittens when you're outside, it doesn't take long for the cold weather to affect the hands. My elbows also ache and I find that when they are at the worst, so are my hands, so I'm thinking it's all linked together.


mnaynay - December 15


Actually pain in my hands is what sent me to the doctor and thus, receiving the fibro diagnosis. The just hurt, very paindful and yes, a tightness too them. It definitely gets worse with cold weather!


gimmeemo - December 15

I clicked on here to find out if anyone else has lost the use of their hands due to FM. I didn't read that anyone else has lost the use, just really painful and tight. My hands had been getting increasingly sore and tight, especiallly my thumbs, and extremely stiff in the mornings. But day before yesterday I had nightmare that Doberman's were biting my hands and when I woke up I could not open my left hand. I could move my index and pinkie finger a bit but the two middle ones would NOT budge and the pain was excrutiating! Luckily, or so I thought, I already had an appt w/ the acupuncturist and my "substitute" primary care doc. The acupunturist tried a technique that is used for stroke victim's to try to loosen up my fingers. But my fill in primary was so behind, an hour and a half waiting for her which killed me, that she didn't really do anything for me. She said she would up the dose of Tramadol, but the 'scrip was for the same dosage as I am already taking. When I finally got home I just went ahead and doubled the dose of Tramadol, took Tylenol and Etodolac and tried Icy Hot cream, which was excrutiating to try to rub on. It brought me to tears. But Thank God, I was finally able to start opening my hand around midnight and this morning it is back to just the usual stiffness. My hand was visibly swollen but not red. The one good thing the Doc did was FINALLY refer me to a rheumatoligist. DSHS is very slow but I don't know what I'd do if the state wasn't paying for all this medical. It just gave me quite a scare to think that I could actually lose the use of my hands. I'm 43 yrs old and my poor Mom had to cut my dinner up for me as she did when I was a 'lil one. I can't help but feel like such a burden. I'd sure like to know if anyone else has lost the use of their hands, or feet for that matter. Thanks for listening and for the good question and for this forum. It always makes me feel better as I struggle with mood swings because of the bipolar disorder as well. Happy Holiday's everyone!



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