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jwm - November 21

Hi everyone,

Does anyone's hands hurt and feel tight? I have noticed them much worse lately. I think it is from the colder weather. Please let me know I am really worried about this.


Tallulah - December 3

My hands hurt too, intensely at times or after picking something up or using them generally. They also tingle at the finger tips and feel 'numb' or weird after they touch something at times, eg after drying them after a shower. This worries me too that it may be rheumatoid arthritis as I was tested for this but it came up negative and apparently it sometimes doesn't show up in the early stages. Rheumatoid arthritis sounds a lot worse than fibromyalgia so I hope it isn't this as i read a woman's account and she said her first symptom of RA was bone deep pain in the hands and feet before it showed up in any tests or there was any swelling. A lot of people with RA have fibromyalgia too, they are linked somehow.


skycladcresteds - December 3

My hands hurt terribly alot of the time. Like a bad toothache. They also get very numb sometimes. I found a pair of special gloves for pain that I have on order. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using something like that. They are a spandex type glove that puts light even pressure all over the hand. It is supposed to reduce pain.


Gabbie - December 4

Hi jwm. You originally posted your question on 11/30 and there are several responses on that post. You don't need to re-submit your question, just go back to the original one to see who sent back comments to you. My response is there also.....the weather here is cold and windy today, and my hands really hurt.....You are not alone.


linda brown - December 10

thank goodness for this site, i am going to the doc tomorrow because of my hand pain, like you, my fingers get real tight and tiingle, it's very scary. but from what i've read and being a nurse, it's all a part of fibo, i pray a cure is found one day soon for us, i can't even work because of it, thanks guys and good luck



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