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hand stiffness and pain
7 Replies
doll1966 - October 1

I've been having pain in my left hand, mainly the palm, closer to my thumb and wrist. They ruled out arthritis and carpal tunnel. Rheumotologist says its from fibro. Sometimes I get a burning sensation and morning stiffness. Yesterday morning I woke up and couldn't close my hand. My fingers were very stiff and painful. It took about an hour before I was able to make a fist. Has this ever happened to anyone else???


Tatty - October 1

It took me forever to get diagnosed, but before I was I would get pains like that and see different doctors and think something was horrible wrong then after weeks and even sometimes months of pain, it would clear up. I have had in my hand like you describe and could not use that hand and have had it in my knee where I could hardly walk.


Muddobber - November 20

Hello! This is my first time ever writing on a forum but your letter has struck me. I am 27yr old female. I've thought I've had FM since about 10 yrs old but not formally diagnosed. My recent trouble is mith my hands just like yours. I was just recently testes (neg) for CT and Ra also. My Dr. will probably be recommending me to see a rhuematologist. I have had to drop out of college because I can't use the computer or write hardly at all. I may also lose my job as an assbly worker soon because the Drs can't figure out what is wrong with me. I would really like to hear back from you. I am not alone!!! I am excited. Muddobber.


linda brown - November 20

i've had that pain too. it's really scarry when you can't make a fist or hold a book or newspaper to read. and i love to read, but now, all i can do with the paper is just glace at it, good luck


Gabbie - November 20

doll1966. Pain in the hands is one of the things that finally got me to a rheumatologist. It started in my right hand which at first I thought was carpal tunnel, but when it went to the left I knew it was something else. I also have the stiffness and the burning sensation and when my hands get cold they sort of tingle and the finger tips go numb. I find that opening and closing my fingers and also rubbing the palms sometimes "loosens" my hands. My wrists sometimes "pop" also. You have found the right forum. There are so many understanding people here and willing to answer questions and give support. Welcome.


Fantod - November 21

Yes - I have pain and stiffness in my hands - particularly the thumb area. Makes it pretty hard to domuch of anything. No rhyme or reason as to when it strikes either. I tried using a paraffin bath at home and that definitely eased the stiffness. You can buy one at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $40.00.


shonlaw - November 21

yes, i do have that pain but it did not start until my second pregnancy. it has gotten better since the delivery but it is still there. have you tried the lidocaine patches?


tnichel - November 21

Much like Gabbie, hand pain sent me to the doc. I got a carpal tunnel diagnosis and was sent to pt. Well the pt cause my hands pain to ease up but for the first time ever, my back flared so badly I could hardly walk or sit w/o crying in pain. That's when I got the fibro diagnosis. I suggest staying away from repetitive motions when you have a hand flare. That helped with my pain. Also my chiro suggested massaging the forearm with as much pressure as you can stand to help ease the tightness in the carpal tunnel that can also cause more hand pain. Yes, I got scared and ran to the doc when I kept dropping thins, couldn't make a first and hands were trembling and going numb.



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