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hand pain and colour changes
6 Replies
laurabelle - April 17

Does anyone out there have redness and pain in their hands extending up the forearms , pain in the joints of the fingers. They feel like they are swollen but aren't. Really red and hot but not all the time. Hard to tell if it's raynauds or not


JJ1 - April 17

For many years I have had red blotches on my hands that get more pronounced when I am under a lot of stress. During the high stress periods, these red areas are hot and feel swollen and itchy. Sounds a little different than what you are experiencing but similar. I have always assumed this was related to my fibromyalgia, but not sure. Whenever I have mentioned the red splotches to my doc, she doesn't say anything.


Gabbie - April 17

I also have the redness in my hands. It's on the outer areas surrounding the palm area and also some areas of the fingers again on the underneath part. For me, it seems to be especially noticeable in the warmer weather. Your fingers may feel like their swollen because of the stiffness/pain that you might be experiencing. Today our weather is beginning to feel a little more like Spring and I'm also noticing that my hands, fingers and arms along with the rest of me are hurting a little bit more. I think the change in weather has something to do with it.


Fantod - April 18

Have you spoken to a rheumotologist about this? I am not a doctor but swollen joints and redness sounds like rheumatoid arthitis. I sincerely hope that is not the case. Nonetheless, you need to be evaluated professionally. We only get one set of hands so they deserve the very best of care. Best of luck and take care.


jacobea - April 19

The undersides and tips of my fingers and my knuckles are often red whilst the rest of my hand is pale. I have have the same swollen-but-not thing, and get it in my elbows and knees, and it is particticularly bad in the latter. The rhuemo said nothing about either Raynauds nor rhuematic arthritis in my case, but it is best to get it checked out just in case.


JJ1 - April 19

I have been seeing a rheumatologist for many years and was tested for rheumatoid arthritis before getting diagnosed. I don't have it. Although my hands at times feel swollen, they aren't visible swollen, just a very tight feeling. I live in FL and have not noticed a relationship to heat (which we have much of the time), just stress. The doctor had no explanation for the red splotchy hands.


bharmon - April 23

I have had FMS for several years and yes, my hands, thumbs, and tips of fingers really hurt. Can barely dress myself and do my housework. It feels like the pain is shooting down my hand and out the tips of my fingers. Sounds strange I know but it is what I feel. It comes and goes is thats comforting to you. Sorry you hurt.



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