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Hand pain!
3 Replies
Red dragon - August 20

have experienced hand pain for several months now. The pain is on the palm side of both hands, including fingers, thumb and palm area. It is equal in pain on both hands. The pain is there only when I have movement, such as typing, cooking, grabbing objects, etc. When I grasp the steering wheel, stair railing, remote control or a pot for example, it feels very tender and goes right to the bone.

There is no burning, tingling, redness, swelling, discoloration or nodes. I've been to my family doctor twice. He examined my hands/fingers and did blood tests to rule out arthritis and RA. He also sent me for x-rays of my hands.

Everything came back normal with just mild degenerative joints (can't recall what was the term he used) ... normal wear and tear. My hands look normal as well.

The only thing I can think of is a massage treatment where the therapist was a bit too aggressive on my hand, and I've had pain every since. My family doctor and physiotherapist however said the bruising/pain would have been resolved by now if that was the case. I'm stumped. I asked my doctor if I needed to see a rheumatologist and he said no, he's not concerned. But I am concerned. The pain is not excruciating, but constant and has not changed or improved.

My physiotherapist seems to think it might be my FM acting up. I don't have this anywhere else. He suggested icing the hands, but that didn't help. I tried rubbing Traumeel cream on my hands nightly for several weeks to no avail.

I just wish I knew what this was. I was thinking of getting a second opinion, but wouldn't want my family doctor to know or have him feel offended.

I tried to do an internet search and think it might be tendinitis of the hands, but would really like to know what this is??

P.S. Did some dinner prep about 30 minutes ago and noticed my hands were red and slightly swollen, but has subsided now.


SusanNobleSmith - September 4

I have had the exact symptoms as you have described and went through similar tests showing nothing - but eventually led to the FMS diagnosis. It eventually became clear that the pain that ended in my hands was actually caused by pinched and/or over- exerted shoulder muscles.

Here are 4 ways that I used to relieve the hand ache:
1. Finding and relieving trigger points along the top of my shoulders has been helpful and I can do on my own, without running to the massage therapist every time my hands ache. I reach up with my opposite hand and move along with my finger tips to find specific tender spots between my neck and the top of my shoulders. I pinch these ‘trigger’ spots until all pain ceases to exist and then release. The problem of course is that sometimes my hands are too painful to do on my own and I get professional help or ask my spouse for assistance.
2. Using a tennis ball and the wall, I position the ball on the wall at the level of my shoulder blade. With some minor adjustments I can lean against the ball and relieve the triggers around my shoulders.
3. A dual kitchen sink provides the ability to get blood to rush into and out of my hands and also reduces the ache. I fill one side with hot water (hot only to the point that I could manage comfortably) and the other side with ice water. I place both forearms in the warm water for 3 minutes. Then I plunge my forearms into the cold for at least one minute and then repeat going back to the hot water.
4. I purchased dictating software to avoid typing for long periods of time.
5. I stretch regularly by putting one arm at shoulder height flush against the wall, and to the right/left of the door jam. I step slightly forward until I feel a stretch through my front shoulder and then repeat on the other side. I do this with my arm at different levels (if you can visualize a clock face, my arm is at the 3, then 2, then 1 and finally overhead, at 12 moving along the door jam).

All suggestions have worked well for me but leave the decision to try any of them up to you.



michellebcusick - September 20

get your second opinion and not worry about hurting your doc's feelings. You're the one hurting and needing answers. It may well be FS, it affects everyone differently. Probably not tendonitis (in both hands at same time?). I wish i had answers for you-good luck!!


Robin1237 - September 20

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year after having fibro for 25 years. Yes, I had been bitten by a tick on my foot in 1981. Symptoms started three months later with sore shoulders, then I couldn't turn my neck, then developed full-blown muscle pain that was labeled fibromyalgia. But I didn't know any of this was from a tick bite. Now I know the Lyme bacteria inflames the nerves and soft tissue, anywhere in the body. So it's possible that nerves from the neck on down are inflamed in your case. Check out Questions for all the discussion going on there about Lyme disease and see whether you think you match any of it. If so, you can find a Lyme-treating doctor for tests and possible clinical treatment, usually with antibiotics initially to see if you respond. I responded huge to clindamycin -- fibro pain went to zero in one week.



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