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Hair Loss
11 Replies
reychel - January 23

Hi everyone... Has anyone experience hair loss??


Stacey373 - January 23

Hi reychel - Something that could be causing your hair loss is your thyroid. It seems like alot of people that have fibro, also have thyroid problems. Have you had your thyroid tested lately? I suggest you talk to your doctor about doing this.

Hope this helps, Stacey :o)


Fantod - January 23

Hi reycehl - I am blessed with an unusally full head of hair. But, since developing FMS, I lose a lot more it than I used to. I have always had to clean up after washing and blowdrying my mane but now it is twice as bad. I could shave the bathroom floor. Thank God I am long way from being bald but it does bother me a lot. I'm not sure it is the FMS or meds or a combination of both. I'm really sensitive to medication and take low doses but that may be just enough to cause the additional hair loss. Take care.


reychel - January 24

Hi Stacey, I had it checked but everything it's normal. I used to have strong beautiful hair, but now its brittle and very dry :(

Fantod, it is very frustrading... but the fact that it affect other womam makes me feel a bit better!!!!

Thanks girls


Auvonto - January 24

I have been losing more hair and it is more dry and brittle then ever (I am "African American" I prefer Black but anywho) I didnt think that it was Fibro but maybe it is. I was worried that it could be my meds though. hum something to think about


slb71 - January 24

Hi Reychel - I also have this same problem. I lose hair like crazy - especially in the shower. My thyroid always checks out good like yours. It is frustrating. I wonder if I will be bald when I reach my later years! I have chalked it up to FMS but, as stated already, medication (in combination maybe) is the culprit. Take Care


OnaJourney - January 24

Hi Group. Just joined but have been tapping into your site for some time. The topic of Hair Loss peaked my interest and I hope to help. I have had full flown fibro for 5 years and been taking Lyrica for about 2 years. About 10 months ago, my hairdresser pointed out two bald spots about the size of a quarter. I didn't even know they were there so you can imagine my shock. Went immediately to my dermatologist who diagnosed alopecia areata. I have been on monthly steroid shots into the scalp, as the condition has progressed. I also apply corticosteroid ointment twice/day. The treatment is aimed at reducing scalp inflammation and encouraging new hair growth. It is an autoimmune disorder. There are different reasons for hair loss, but I strongly suggest any hair loss be checked out by your doctor. Time may be of the essence. Hope this helps. Hope to talk to you again.


toots2889 - January 25

I to suffer daily with hair loss. It started up alittle over a year ago now, and it totally drives me crazy. I have really thick hair, to where i have to have them thin it out about every 3rd cut. Before, it was every hair cut! I loose so much hair when I take a shower, its unbelievable. Then when i take a brush to it while its wet, look out. I have to clean my hairbrush everyday because of all the hair that falls out. I really dont want to hear that this is another --- symptom that ive got to treat! This just sucks!! Sorry for the language, im just not in the best of moods today. I apologize! Thanks for the info, even though its not what i wanted to hear!


reychel - January 27

I am so surprise that so many people go thru the same thing... I thought I was the only one, just like with fibromyalgia, if you dont know anyone witht the same symptoms you feel lost.

So here's what I did. I GOT A HAIR CUT!!!!! My hair was long enough that it was passing the "bra line" and now its up to my ear. I just couldnt take it anymore. I dont know if it was the cut or what but I think it did help.

Before I did that I tried every vitamin on the book. Vitamin B, Biotin, Iron, pre natal vitamins.. I increased my protein intake etc... But since nothing worked I decide to have it cut!!!
I am just glad that my husband likes it!!!!!

take care


littleloey - January 29

Hi reychel- I have fibro and also really severe hair loss. As far as I know there is no connection. I have had hair loss long before I was put on meds and my thyroid has been checked.Good luck.


biggbrowneyes - January 30

Hi.. I was diagnosed 7 yrs ago with FMS & I also have a very low thyroid. Even going from 40 mg to 120 mg of armour thyroid a day, my hair still falls out as much! When I take a shower, if I don't move it away from the drainer, my tub fills up like I'm taking a bath! I've also been told that alot of stress can cause hairloss. Lords knows I'll be wearing a wig soon with all the stress in my life because of my FMS!

A friend of mine who is a hairdresser said that if your hair seems to always be dry/brittle, to try to always keep the ends snipped and when you wash out your conditioner, don't quite wash it out on the ends, especially if you have city water, or hard water. She also said to try Weekly hot oil treatments.
My hair is crazy because it use to be straight as a bone and then after I had my 2nd child, when I was 25, it started to get wavy. I'm 39 now and everybody always ask me if I have a perm. I haven't had one in about 17 years! crazy!


AnnHurts - February 6

Yes, I am losing my hair. I have to attribute part of it to hypothyroidism, but, I think fibro plays a part as well. I have trouble covering my bald spots :'-{



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