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Hair Loss
11 Replies
mm30 - September 11

Any body experiencing this?
I have alot of hair loss these days even my hairdresser has noticed it.
my hair is quiet thin as is so its a worry.
although i did read somewhere that women rarely go "bald".
It's not coming out in clumps per say but if i run my fingers through my hair i will get three or four hairs each time.
is it stess?? any body have any remedies or stories to share?



Stacey373 - September 11

Good Morning M!

Have you had your thyroid checked? I know one of the symptoms for your thyroid being out of whack is hair loss like that.

I used to tell everyone I shed like a dog! Every time I brush my hair or run my fingers through it or after I wash it...I have handfuls coming out!

I don't know if there is something else that could be causing it, But I would definitely get your thyroid checked.

Take Care, Stacey :o)


mm30 - September 11

Good Morning stacey :D (evening here)
ya i had my thyroid checked at the start of all of this. tests came back fine but i did read somewhere that it can come back ok even if its not, in bloods tests and extensive tests need to be done... how is that?
you have thyroid trouble dont you?

how is your hair now? is it thin or do you get regrowth to replace the loss. im really noticing it above my my ears.
i had the thickest head of hair as a child and now its so light
i get so overwhelmed in the doctors that i forgot to mention it last week.
i am having blood tests on my vitamin d levels and hormones. possibly this can cause it?
also i am switching to progeston only pill so maybe this will help.


Stacey373 - September 11

Well Good Evening! LOL

yes, I've had thyroid problems for most of my life. It used to be Hyper and I was super skinny. then it switched over to Hypo and now I'm gaining weight (so NOT cool!) the last time I had it checked it was borderline but more on the Hypo side. I really have never given it much thought....but now that I'm gaining weight and my friend who had to have hers taken out is very worried about now I'm going to have it checked again the next time I see my doctor (unless it's just way too expensive since I have to pay cash for the tests and meds) hair has always been fairly thin...but not enough that I have ever worried about going bald! But I guess it's possible. I have 2 friends that have thyroid problems and one of them did have super thin hair. You could even see where she parts her hair there's a bigger "line" than normal and she worried about it getting worse. I don't know what she did about it, though, and I haven't seen her in years so I really don't know if it's gotten worse or better!

I have never heard of any other illness or whatever causing hair loss. the only one I know about is the thyroid. But I'm sure there's other things that cause this.

The next time you go to see your doctor...write up a list of everything you want to talk to him about...that way you won't forget! I always forget to tell my doctor everything and then after I leave I remember! (Maybe I should write a list too! LOL)

I don't know why sometimes you have to have more extensive tests to check for this. I've never had to do that before.

Have you already starting taking the new BC pill? I'm wondering if you are noticing any difference?


mm30 - September 11

no i have started it yet. she told me take a break on my old one yasmin and then have the tests done for hormones and vitamin D3 and then start the new one that evening. cerzette is what she has put me on she wreckons its the new wonder mini pill. so we will see. funny i did read just there that stress can cause hair loss. it said that the new hair growth which we produce all the time can stop if the body is fighting to help the body recover from anxiety etc (very layman terms) so maybe.

i think thats a good idea i must write a list but first i must write down a reminder to write a list. its funny actually i have always suspected i had a hypo thyroid and alot of the side affects i can most definately relate to but i have put down as fibro effects.
i hope you get on ok with yours!! what do they do to treat a hyper or hypo thyroid?


Stacey373 - September 11

Usually they just give you meds to try to level it all out. My friend had to have hers taken out because it was so messed up and the meds weren't working. But even with it out, she still has to take meds for the rest of her life.

I tried taking the meds a couple years ago....the side effects were Horrible! Since it was "borderline" my doctor told me I didn't HAVE to take them so I quit taking them. But now that I'm gaining weight (for the first time in my life!) I think I will try doing this all I said...depending on how much it all costs :o)


mm30 - September 11

its all money money isnt it?
best of luck with it.
i'll post up what my dr here thinks about the hair loss



Stacey373 - September 11

Good Luck with you too :o)


toots2889 - September 12

Hey M! About a year ago, I started going thru this same thing. It really freaked me out to, and I asked my dr. about it. He to checked my thyroid and that came back fine. Ive always had really thick hair, and its not that thick anymore. But I dont worry about going bald anymore, cause i figure it that was gonna happen it would of by now. I mean like you, when your loosing that much hair, you think Im Gonna Be BALD!! My dr. doesnt know why its happening either. Hope this helps you come more at ease with it.


mm30 - September 12

hi toots,
really? its strange isnt it?
i just worry because i have had fairly light hair all my adult life and its really light at the front. hopefully it will settle down.

your comment definately makes me feel a little better. ;)



emma lou - September 26

hey u r meant to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day as new hair is meant to grow im a hairdresser... so do u lose hair with fibro as im startin to notice one on side of my head were i get fibro in my face im noticing bit of my hair goin thin to not happy.. im new to this site and new to fibro gettin suport frm my local hospital with excerises but just noticing new symtoms...


mm30 - September 27

hi emma lou im still having same problem and none the wiser with it really. i have just started taking nourkrin tabs which are supposed to really help. other name for them is viviscal. i havent any bald spots yet but yeah my hair is still falling out and heavy enough. i know about the 100 strands a day and i know it gets worse this time of year too but ive never noticed it like this before. i think with me its stress and the more i falls out the more i am stressing :S



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