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hair loss anyone???
4 Replies
nburnett5 - September 19

Wondering if anyone has delt with hair loss. while sleeping, brushing, washing. Huge clumps. new to the forum. Thanks for any input at all.



JJ1 - September 19

Gosh, we have a lot of similar symptoms. I have problems with hair loss, too. Not really clumps, but I am always losing hair and it is very thin. I see hair loss is also related to Lyme Disease. My hair loss has been going on for quite some time now -- pretty much since I was about 23 or 24 yrs old and I am 49 now. I have been thinking of Lyme, though, and I have not spent a lot of time in the states with highest incidents. But I WAS born in MA but moved when I was 2 and we also camped there when I was 16. My parents lived in New England for about 4 or 5 years before I was born. So, I know Lyme can be transmitted in-utero and also that it can take years for symptoms to show, so I am wondering.


Robin1237 - September 20

Yes here. Hair loss is also a Lyme disease symptom. I was diagnosed with Lyme last year after having fibro for 25 years. See for full discussions on Lyme disease.


nburnett5 - September 20

Yeah, geez. Im really curious about that lyme disease. Wow! Ok so my kids could be affected???
I have three. 2 of my youngest have low immune problems, always getting colds and my oldest is in her first year of college in Mass. (Harvard) Sorry Im a proud momma = ) So she'll be in the freezin cold.
And she gets sick almost every month. Head cold, has major allergies. I wonder if any of this immune breakdown is connected..
Can't put the cart before the horse, but what I'll do is make sure that with all those viles of blood they tookout of me, if they can test for that, it wouldn't hurt.
Thank you both of the insight...


melvian - September 24

I am losing more and more hair on a daily basis. From all the symptoms I've read, that is pretty common.



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