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Ha Ha! Dude Where's My Car?!
10 Replies
tnichel - November 12

Ok, so I went grocery shopping at Wal-mart the other day. There was a lady in line ahead of me who got out the line to get into another. But the cashier was closing so she had to jump back in my line. The person in front of me let her cut. No biggie. But she was kind of odd acting. A little loopy I will say. I shrugged it off and went on to thinking about something else.

Anywho, I pay for my stuff and head to the parking lot and who do I see next to my car looking inside another. Yep, that same woman. She apparently lost her car and thought the one next to mine was hers but the person sitting in the car just looked at her when she walked up and started babbling about thinking it was hers. She then turned to me and said " I really don't know where my car is."

Now I know I shouldn't laugh at others for doing this since I spend the majority of my day looking for misplaced items but it was funny. I just smiled and suggested she may have parked on the retail side but she was adamant she was in the right area. Now I would have freaked the heck out but she was calm and shrugged then took off with her cart in search of her car. I wanted to ask if she had fms but thought it would be rude. Wrong I know but it was nice for a change not being the one walking aimlessly in a parking lot looking for a car. And in my defense, I did look for her car while I was leaving the lot. Figured I'd share the laugh with you guys. ;)


Fantod - November 12

Hilarious - thnaks for sharing!


axxie - November 12


The silly games our minds play with us. lol


Noca - November 12

That what she gets for shopping at Walmart. Those places are so huge that its usually "Dude, where the hell am I?" when Im lost in their superstores.


writerchick - November 15

This is why I do my best to alway park my car in the same aisle every time I go to that store. That way, I can just keep walking straight until I find it!


axxie - November 15

Just reminds me of when I went Christmas shopping at Macys. I had reminded myself to park somewhere where I could remember where I had parked. So we went in by Macys, I had reminded myself that I needed to remember where the car was parked. I thought I had struck luck, since I had gotten a parking spot very close to the doors. In I go with my 7 years old, we were shopping for Christmas gifts. About four years later, when were finally exhausted, it was time for us to return to our car. I had remembered, where I had parked, (oh so I thought), I had remembered the Santa Clause at the door. So, packages in hands, and daughter with me, we walked out the doors, and where was my car. I must have spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where my car was, until this women, saw me pacing back and fourth. Here I thought my car must have been stolen. So the women asked me what was the problem, and I said I think my car has been stolen, I remember parking my car here. She started to laugh, and said, did you notice that at this mall there are three Macys stores. I'm sure my face must have been a sight to see. Incredible that I had went to this huge shopping mall in Texas, and had never figured out that there was three Macys'. Eventually I found my car, and went home, never returned at that shopping mall. I find it amusing now, but didn't then.


ptalana - November 15

Hey Axxie, you never cease to make me laugh!!!! Almost all your posts relate to something I've experienced myself. It's awsome to be able to relate to so many others and not feel like your alone. How is Macy's??? I live in Canada and we don't have a Macy's here, but my sister lives in Boston and absolutely loves Macy's. There are so many stores in the US that I wish we had in Canada ie, Macy's, Target, Victoria Secret (my hubby's request ha ha):)
I did see on one of those infomercials about a personal recording device (mini) that might help with our parking dilemmas. I'm seriously looking into getting one of these for shopping, parking issues, even my doc appointments. Maybe recording all things when they pop into my head will help with my memory, hope springs eternal!!!!
I'm tired of leaving my doc appointments, even with a list, forgetting some new symptom. Or leaving the grocery store without the one item I went for in the first place. Luckily I have a very patient hubby. Although he just walked in the door after going to store and guess what he forgot the eggs, it's not just me. I guess we'll have to share the recorder;)
Hope this finds everyone well, Patty


Canada17 - November 15


If you're going to get a personal recording device, I would suggest something a little more sophisticated than the one shown in the infomercial. Especially if you want to use it for your doctor's appointments.

I know when you're in an appointment, you want to be able to make notes, but you're also trying to think of questions that you should be asking and remembering experiences you've had that you should share with your doc.

Try a Dictaphone, the kind a secretary would use. You'll find they aren't necessarily cheap but you can also find them second hand. You'll be able to record hours of "dictation" and can review and make notes for yourself when you are in an environment more suitable for concentration.

I am a chronic note taker, sometimes I almost write notes to remind myself of notes I've already written! hehehe I love using the Dictaphone for seminars and meetings thoughs, I don't want to forget anything important.


mypain - November 16

I know its not funny, but it is....thank goodness, the hatch on my durago comes up with the push of a button, otherwise I am aimlessly looking for mine!!! I think the scariest part of FM is this.....the forgetting seriously 5 seconds after being asked to do something and I have note pads everywhere! I have to write it down or else it doesn't get done. My mom is seriously saying, you need to get to the bottom of this. You are too young to have this type of problem! I just say mom, I know what it is....don't worry...

It is scary...for me anyway...


KateT1969 - November 16

my car keys always walk away from me too - i am so glad i am not alone :-)


axxie - November 16

Hey ptalana, used to live in Texas, now live in Canada. Hubby is military, we used to travel alot, different countries, now been settle in Canada for 6 years. Looks like we are staying here. Thought, we'd returned to another posting, but hubby is saying no, and I'm like a cat, ok, been here too long, let's pack and move.

Do you know what I found today, a big stash of medication, that I had put in a drawer in the dining room. Completely forgot about it, I'm quite happy to have retreivd them. But this is scary, to loose your meds for a few days.

Pretty soon it's going to be, did I take my pill this morning and then I'll get confused with another kinds of pill.



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