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gums sensitive
4 Replies
chargerb - September 5

I am having a flare up with the change in weather -- headaches, body aches, fatigue (could sleep all day) skin itching, brain fogginess, etc. This isn't new but the degree to which my gums are effected. I keep going to the dentist and they don't see anything out of the ordinary. But my gums bleed in certain places, are reddened and very painful when I brush. Can anyone point me to some online articles that explain how/if fibromyalgia is related to gum problems? thanks


ibritz - September 7

I can't help you with that, but has your dentist suggested one of the toothpastes that help with sensitivity of your teeth? Like Sensodyne (it works the best for me, but is a bit more costly than some of the ones by crest or aquafresh. It won't help with the bleeding, but might with the pain.


Fantod - September 14

You may be brushing too hard in those areas. You may have a sensitvity to something in your toothpaste. I can't use certain brands of toothpaste because of the whitening agent. I'm apparently allergic and have similar symptoms with sore gums in certain areas. For all you folks out there with tooth and gum problems, especially Sjogren's I'd highly recommend the electric Oral B Triumph toothbrush. It has several settings for brushing strength, tells you when you brush too hard and is the best toothbrush I have ever used. It and the brush heads are expensive. Kohl's has the Triumph on sale periodically for about $100. A muti pack of the brush heads can be found for a better price at Costco. My teeth are whiter, my gums don't bleed and my dentist is poorer... Last but not least, consider making an appointment to see a periodontist. I think a second opinion is a good idea. Take care.


Fantod - September 14

I have not read this book: " The Fibromyalgia Dental Handbook" by Flora Parsa Stay. It is available on


ibritz - September 15

Another ingredient in many toiletry items is sodium lauryl sulfate. It can cause many different skin conditions and is found in most toothpastes.



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