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Gum pain
3 Replies
scuddie35 - July 20

Has anyone experienced unsual amount of sensitivity and pain in the gums of the mouth with no sign of redness, swelling, or irritation?
I had my one tooth worked on over a week ago and my whole mouth feels like its burning. I do have fibromyalgia, but never experienced anything like this before.


Beone - July 21

Hi scuddie35

I have had the same thing about 5 months ago, I had dental pain go right around my mouth after i had a tooth pulled, this lasted for days and the pain went to different teeth and the gum's were sore inside as if toothache. i went to two dentists and two doctors and apart from having a tough time with the tooth extraction
(which i now think wasn't needed) they couldn't find anything wrong, The last dentist told me the way the pain was moving was not due to tooth pain he said it was very strange but more than likely nerves firing off along the central nervous system. so the doc put it down to Fibro.I found warm salt water mouth wash helps.
hope this helps,
love Beone,


axxie - July 21

Yes, I'm currently having the dental pain and I just booked myself for cleaning. I found if you brush your teeth with a sensitive teeth toothpaste it helps. I found that if I eat something sweet it happens right away. I have no cavaties and was told by my dentist as a precaution she would put me on antibiotic because of the sensitivities of my mounth.


Fantod - July 22

I have a terrible time with dental work. I use a dentist who has extra training from the Pankey Institute. My nerve paths are not where they are supposed to be which causes a lot of problems when he is trying freeze a tooth. I am also allergic to the blood clotting medication they use with the lidocaine - found that out when the inside of my cheek peeled off... After any dental work, I usually experience a lot of face, neck, shoulder and head pain. It can go on for as long as two weeks. I'm not a big fan of the dentist and he is not a big fan of me....



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