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12 Replies
AmberRose - October 10

Is anyone taking this? i was just reading about it and its sounds crazy. You have to ingest so much drugs for this. Just curious, becuase what ive read os far is kind of scary, for jsut the amount of drugs to be taken.


Stephanie417 - October 10

If this is what Im thinking of.. is it for getting mucus up?.. If it is, then its ok.. ive used it many times.. no side effects at all.. its like mucinex right?


AmberRose - October 11

um no actually its apparently a pill? or some kind of medicine to get rid of fibromyalgia pain?


JJ1 - October 11

Well, officially, here is what it is used for: "Guaifenesin thins the mucus in the air passages and makes it easier to cough up the mucus and clear the airways, allowing you to breathe more easily. It relieves the coughs of colds, bronchitis, and other lung infections."


JJ1 - October 11

But it is also used for FMS: "We now use guaifenesin for fibromyalgia because it has no side effects and is even safe for children. It is marketed for respiratory mucus problems and is available without prescription in various strengths, though some brands may not be effective for fibromyalgia. Currently, we can only advocate three products: the long-acting 600 mg tablets ‘Mucinex’ and one compounded for the Marina del Rey Pharmacy as well as a 400 mg tablet that is free of contaminants from Pro Health. (see Web site: We begin patients with 300 milligrams twice a day for one week. Feeling distinctly worse suggests adequate dosage and patients may remain on that amount. This suffices for only 20 percent of patients; if symptoms do not worsen, we increase to 600 mg. twice daily. Reversal begins for 80 percent of patients at one of these two levels leaving 20 percent who will need more. During reversal, symptoms are usually intensified and new ones may be experienced. These are not side effects, but signal that reversal is underway. Better hours eventually cluster into days and finally weeks. During this subjective roller coaster ride, lumps and bumps soften, fragment and gradually clear. Recovery is more rapid than the time it took to develop the illness. Even genetically-slow responders, clear at least one year of metabolic debris every two months. Longer endured disease requires more time to restore. Newer lesions clear first and the oldest ones last."


TERESA - October 11

Is this the site & therapy Anne Hillerbrand was promoting earlier tis year on this site?


Virg - October 11

AmberRose, with a name like Guaifenesin and you looking into it then we have to ingest more drugs for this,. shucks, me thinks stay away your right its damn scary. Have a Great week.


JJ1 - October 11

What sounds scary about it to me is that you actually feel "distinctly" worse for some time before you feel better. That would be extremely hard on anyone.


AmberRose - October 11

Hmmmm thats odd,, musucs hey??? i dont remember the exact site i was looking at but it never said anything about muscus(at least i thought) it said if you take like 1400 mg a day you can get rid of pain?? Wierd maybe i just read the site wrong...ill blame the fibers :)


AmberRose - October 11

i forgot to mention i read things worng ALL the time becuase of fibromyalgia, the other day i made a pumpkin pie and read a whole can of pumkin not jsut 1 cup, turned out okay but i thought i was goign crazy i did anothe rpie after with the smae recipe,, i was "oh maybe thats why i had so much filling" Its a good thing it wasn't salt or cloves i got wrong


JJ1 - October 12

From one I have read (and copied in my previous posts) is that guaifenesin in the active ingredient in medicines like mucinex that are used to reduce mucus (it works great on clearing up congestion). However, some doc discovered or claims to have discovered that it can cure or relieve fibromyalgia symptoms if taken in proper doses and if you read the stuff, you only know if it is working if you start feeling worse and have new symptoms. eventually you start feeling better, but it sounds like one heckuva process getting there. I am not going to be a guinea pig to test it out.


TERESA - October 12

This is the same crazy stuff that's on fibrofix Anne Hillerbrand web site. I won't be trying it!!!


AmberRose - October 12

yeah i woouldnt try it either was just wondering though



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