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sherrodguy - December 20

I am trying desperately to put my mind in my happy place. This usually helps me to manage the pain I experience, as I am not currently being treated correctly for FMS. I first have an appointment with a neurologist to determine how severe the two bulges I have are and how much do they contribute to the everyday pain I feel. On the 31st of Jan I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist who will be able to properly treat the FMS symptoms. Finally, after years of suffering, I am on my way to feeling better!
In the meantime....OMG! I hurt!! Today is pretty awful. My BRA is hurting me badly, and the back pain that wraps around my rib cage is excutiating! My neck and shoulders feel like they are contracting rubberbands. Tight, tight, tight. Thighs and of course hips ache, and my eyes burn. Just ready to get out from behind this desk and get out of here.
Friday was a horrible day for me in the sense of memory and severe concentration issues. I felt like I was wrapped tighter than Dick's hatband (if you'll excuse the expression) I literally felt as though I was going to just loose it. I could have used a xanex.
I came in to work today actually feeling decent mentally...until I was told that I had made quite a few mistakes with my work on Friday. Being informed of this makes me so down on myself to the point of wondering what the heck I'm doing here which makes the pain even more intense. I can't concentrate, I am extremely angry (general) and I feel the need to burst into tears at any given moment all while feeling so flipping numb and disgusted with EVERYTHING!
No one here really knows what is going on with me and as I've stated before, I'm really not the type to walk from person to person saying "Oh, BTW if I screw up, it's cause I hurt and I have FMS." ugh!
Writing has always been somewhat of a vent for me; calming me down somewhat. So thanks to those that may reply. It truely is a gift to be able o vent my anger and frustration to others who know how each emotion feels.
I really am trying, but I feel as though ...I feel like that game they have at Chucky Cheese where the rat heads peak out of the hole and you have to hit them back down into it....that's exactly how I feel!!! I get to the top and can see and look around and then someone or somethings shoves me back down there.
My back burns then a wave of cool...mostly under, between shoulder blades around underneath breasts, right where my bra band is and extends down through my rib cage and abdomen. Took half of pain med a few minutes ago but it's JUST taking the edge off.
Ah well, such as life. I try to keep telling myself it could be worse. I could be without legs and arms...and I do feel so very fortunate if it's just FMS, but Dear Lord!!! The constant, nagging pain has the ability to drive a person to insanity!!!


LiccleMonster - December 20

I know where you are coming from, it took me over a year to get fibro diagnosed and after seeing god knows how many doctors and specialists or getting told its all in my head they finally did there job and figured it out.

The medication im on just helps with the symptoms and helps manage the pains i have a liccle better. I feel lucky to have this and am now grateful to the year i spent running around figuring this out as now i know its just fibro.

I do feel ur pain (literally) but talking about it to others who have it may help, i am always trying to help others and finally ive got help for myself, so vent and go crazy, no matter what, i will always try and help others.

I think it took so long for me coz the doctor didnt think about fibro at first as she told me its not common in males. Now its all behind me and i try to live it out. I know where your coming from, it took me a long time to talk to others besides my wife about this and now i am opening to friends who i trust it helps a lot.

Hope something happens soon to help and you can try and go on with life.



Fantod - December 20

Ang - Sorry to hear that you are having another rough day. Is there any way that you can get into the rheumotologist sooner? Do they have a cancellation list or can you call every day to see if there is an opening. I really worry about you and everything you have to manage. House, child, two jobs. It is just too much.

I think that you should tell your employer/s that you are ill. Leave them guessing and you may be out a job. You don't have to specific right now. Just say that you are undergoing some tests and waiting to see a specialist. If nothing else, maybe they'll leave you alone for a bit which will alleviate some of your stress.

I hope by the time you read this, you are feeling a bit calmer. Hang in there girl - we are rooting for you.


axxie - December 22

You have trigger points, I usually sign the song of I got you under my skin..... and you are killing me cause I can't breath or move.... it hurts so bad.

Best remedy is to actually do alot of deep breathing exercize and putting your arms up above your head and do deep breathing, it helps do it when you are in the shower it helps to ease the muscles.

You also need to exercise, such as putting your hands on your hips and slowly rotating from the extreme left to the extreme right, you have to do it but you have to controll your movement and do it very slowly.

You may find with time, the pain will actually go away, but can return fast, that means there wasn't enough of deep breathing and exercise the muscles around your body.

On a muscular contraction, you may be in need of proteins, filamin, nebulin, nebulette, talin and titin. they are all present in your muscle structure that can provide clues as to why our muscles can be come so tight that they hurt. When at work, these tight muscles are what we call myofacial trigger points, or myofacial TrPs form. It's your body telling you that your dietary habits are in need to be looked at.

A good diet, with water and a good vitamin supplement should help you and may find that in a few days the pain will go away, it's a combination therapy.


sherrodguy - December 22

Thanks you guys. I will try those exercises, axxie.

Yes, Fantod, I am on the cancellation list, and thanks for the advice concerning my job. I have actually kept my direct supervisor informed as to what's going on so that if/when I get the phone call from the Dr. to come in I can jump and run. I think the biggest problem is in general, people are not thoroughly informed about what FMS is and does. So I suppose I could maybe use some advice on how to approach the topic with her so that she understands if she sees me up and walking around for a bit instead of sitting with my nose to the computer. LOL!! I suppose I could give her the pamphlet the Dr. who diagnosed me, gave me.

I am concerned as well, Fantod, about all there is to manage. I am waiting to get in and see the doctor and will figure out from there what steps I need to take to bring the stress level down. I may have to give this job up and just do the Real Estate. Since that is the one I LOVE to do...

Thanks again you guys for the comments and support. Though we have never and may never meet face to face, I consider it a blessing to have found you all on here. It solidifies the fact that I AM NOT crazy and this if for real! LOL!!


kimzsoa - December 23

I have had so much relief once I started Meloxicam, although not recommended for Fibro but has been used for it. i cannot take anything with SSR inhibitors as they cause severe muscle twitching which most anti depressants have which are being used to treat fibro...and Gabupentin made me swell and gave my elephant ankles and swollen eyelids...I now have my skinny ankels back!! :-)

I am grateful my pain is not as sever as others here but without the meloxican I do hurt all over and wake up stiff, feeling like a 93 yr old.

For the most part it is tolerable so I am counting my blessings...for now. The worst part is the intense severe itch I have had INSIDE my arms that moves from upper, to lower, then other arm. Only ice packs help but I have scratched to the point of bleeding and used a heavy brissled brush before due to the severity of the, hydoxyzine helps alot but makes me sleepy, meloxicam makes me sleepy and I wake up as if from a blackout not knowing what day it is etc. totally out of it. Clonazepam for the PTSD I am also being treted for makes me sleepy and if I wasn't taking all these damn drugs I be wondering if fibro makes me sleepy but I can't tell.



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