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Growth in Cartilage
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JP - August 30

I noticed something was happening to me when I was 15, and I had growths on my ribs, and even more signifcant growths on my bresat bone / rib, at which point i thought i had breast cancer. my GP sent me to a bone specialist, and at that point i was told i had fibromyalgia - at 15. I moved to Alberta canada and when there, i went through a rough time of not being able to sleep at all and problems with my stomach,and constant pain all over. i went to the hospital several times and to different doctors, and 3 different doctors had told me i did not have fibromyalgia - regardless of being diagnosed by a bone specialist in Vancouver canada, and dispite the growths on my bones. over the years i have taken anti-inflammatory pills, over the counter T3's - now marijuana. i have learned how to tolerate the daily pain - but the one thing that concerns me is the growth on my brest bone - that over the years seems to get bigger. my specialist keeps telling me there is nothing that can be done about the cartilage that is growing on my breast bone, and gave me a prescription for sleeping pills that are so strong she advised for me to take half of one at a time. Like i want to rely on sleeping pills for the rest of my life to get a good sleep! I would rather smoke pot as at least it is somewhat of a natural remedy! the other thing i have lately been experiencing is sharp pain in my neck around my glands - could this be a sign of hypothyroid? i have only ever been to one specialist, and it was such a quick diagnosis - i am now considering a second opinion. I am 27 yrs old now, married, and now thinking of having children too - which worries me now going into the next chapter of my life.


Jean - August 30

I do not know what to tell you about the cartilage problem except an orthopedics physician could better diagnose what this is. FMS does cause sleep problems and medication might be what the doctor orders because if you don't get the proper amount of that stage 4 sleep your body is unable to recover and replenish otherwise causing other problems to escalate. Also make sure your hormones are in balance and with this condition again nuerotransmitters are out of whack and you may need help in that area as well.



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