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Green tea anyone?
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PEANUT - October 20

Hi. I have a history of trouble with my bowel movements. I have to take Metamucil fiber/Milk of Magnesia twice a day and usually could still only 'go' when I lay down with a cup of coffee. Lately I have been having trouble again plus I started a new food regimen which consists of healthy carbs only (fruits, vegetables and an occasional whole grain toast) along with more proteins. I have found that it is once again difficult to get the 'job' done. My sister mentioned Green Tea which is what she uses for occaional constipation. I had a cup last night around 9:00 and was awake between 4:00 and 7:00 with severe stomach cramps but I did go easily around 9:00 when I was 'up and about'. I enjoyed another cup of green tea with my bath this morning at around 11:00. Once again within a few hours I got the severe cramping and I have since gone #2 twice and it is loose - I truly am not used to this. Any thoughts on when is the best time to drink this and does it affect anyone else like this? I like being able to 'go' but I sure don't like the cramping and would not welcome diarhea either. Hmmm? Hoping this finds you all on a 'better' day!


Cher0208 - October 21

Hi Peanut,

I don't have problems with constipation but I take Magnesium Glycinate to help me sleep and to relax my muscles. I have often heard that Magnesium Glycinate helps constipation. So for me- it gives me loose stools and makes me go more often. It may help you as well. I take 400mg before bed. I try not to do it every night.
On a recent podcast that I heard from Nutritional Weight and Wellness, they spoke about people taking Magnesium Glycinate to help them go. (Make sure it is GLYCINATE- that's the kind that helps you go). The Magnesium should prevent you from getting cramps. Like I said- it has a strong relaxing effects for me.
On another note I LOVE GREEN TEA. The caffeine gets me going for work. And it is anti-inflammatory. I couldn't take it before bed though- I wouldn't be able to sleep at all. Feel good.



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