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Gratitude for the good days!
3 Replies
chefbeth - November 11

Now that I am more tuned in to my symptoms, I recognize the series of bad days of terrible stiffness and muscle aches, depression, fatigue, etc. all seemingly brought on by nothing in particular. But today I am "celebrating" and embracing gratitude, because the last couple of days have been practically symptom free (my back still hurts a little) However, I am still taking time to rest, heating pad, etc. so as not to over-do it. Anyway, I never know when the tide will turn, so practicing gratitude is the theme for the day.


kvc33 - November 11

Good for you and good that you are not over-doing it as well. It's easy to get tricked into thinking that we are cured just because we have a few good days or even weeks. I've had CFS/FMS severely for sixteen years so I know that it doesn't go away!


axxie - November 12

chefbeth and kvc33, it is nice to have good days/weeks. It sure is gratitude. I'm doing quite well with the pain part at the moment. Hoping for all of us, more good days than bad days.


Stacey373 - November 12

I totally agree! I am so appreciative for my "good days." I've been progressively getting worse over the last few months and I had forgotten what it felt like to even have a half way "normal" day. Then suddenly, for no reason at all, I woke up and felt great! That lasted for 4 whole days and I kept trying to figure out what I had done differently for this to happen.

Usually I will get up and try to get as much done as possible while I am feeling good and then I inevitably end up feeling worse. This time I took it easy to see what would happen, I ended up with a migraine anyways. so I think the next time I have a good day, I'm just gonna do what I can and appreciate it for what it is....a short reprieve from the pain and problems...

I hope your good days last for awhile....Take Care Everyone, Stacey :o)



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