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Good news on healing fibro........
11 Replies
larry - September 26

Hi Guys, this is Helen- you probably can tell by the length of the pos!!!!!!!!


I wanted to let you know that know that my twin sister has been ill for 20 years with Fibro, Epstein Barr virus, fatique, CMT virus and every symptom on this site. She was bed ridden for two years with fevers and fatique. Well now I have all the symptoms as well which is why I came to this site. Between the two of us we have research everything and have educated alot of ignorant doctors. Well today my sister called with EXCITEMENT about visiting the “fibro and fatique” clinic near her. She said she felt like the chase for help was over, they educated her and were completely knowledgeable of EVERYTHING she mentioned to them. They have a 99% cure rate. She filled out a 24 page questionairre prior to the visit and today they took 26 viles of blood. She said they are right on the money. They are all medical doctors that cover everything and look at the body holistically, checking for all viruses, parasites, yeasts, all hormones, cortisols, all natural remedies, etc. They explained the reasons behind Fibro, they see the big picture and it is very cureable, just not with doctors that are still trying to treat conventionally. They are doctors too and will openly discuss with you the short comings of modern medicine and conventional medical training. They are having prescriptions specifically compounded to my sister’s body chemistry and they state that everyone is different AND they are not just focused on “bandaid medicines, not quick fixes, they actually heal and repair. They were well versed on ALL of the topics and for the first time in twenty years my sister said she felt like she finally "landed home". She found them at Barbara, Brandy, Virg and new guys on the forum, please check them out. I am also. There is no reason to be sick with Fibro anymore.


Lynne-FT - September 26

I have been to this site a lot and have it linked to my site. There are no centers near me. I say anything that helps anyone is great even it it helps one person or hundreds.


Lynne-FT - September 26 is a link if you are not located within 100 miles of a treatment center.


PUPPYMOM828 - September 27

I really hope it works out for you both. Not to be a wet blanket, but I would warn you to be careful and not get your hopes up, though. I've been hopeful and gotten let down so hard, recovering from the emotional let-down was so hard. Just from experience.... I've sought out traditional medicine for treatment as well as alternative medicine. I've heard those familiar words before about them being the ones to have it all figured out and after months spent and lots of money spent, I am still mostly confined to my bedroom. I really really hope it works for you, though. Can you please post progress reports if it starts making a difference for you? That would be helpful, because of my experience, I am so wary now, but I would love to hear of actual progress made.


Lynne-FT - September 27

Oh I am not trying it ..... I have read so much stuff it makes my head spin sometimes, there are so many alternative treatment and cures out there no one could try them all in a life time. But like I said if it works for someone then I am happy for them.


larry - September 27

Lynne and puppymom- You both sound hardened and it makes sense especially if you have been relying on conventional medical doctors for help. Have you? Stay away from your conventional praticing care physicans and just go to doctors that know what fibro is all about. --- go to, they will work with medical insurance and they have offices all around the country and also have a program to help people on a remote basis. They have labs that do take the insurance and they give you all the paperwork you need to file your own claims. Visit the website, sign up for their newsletters, get on their forum and get away from this site. People here are so stuck and still believing that fibro is not cureable. Just go and get better, there is an answer. Get un-stuck.


Lynne-FT - September 27

I may sound hardened but I have done a lot of reading myself ... I do not have insurance and have not worked in over 2 years. I do not qualify for assistance and am waiting to see if I qualify for SSD.
I looked at the site and there is no way I could afford the prices they charge. I think if there was a magic cure by now someone, somewhere in the medical profession would be cashing in and helping people get on with their lives. I am not saying this will not work I really hope it does but there is no way I can afford it. My condition is worsened by disc problems shoulder surgery... I also have a torn rotator cuff and now am having a problem with my hip... all due to a trumatic injury so I not only have FMS I have several other medical conditions.


JJ1 - December 12

Gosh, I am really confused ......... Larry = Kathy = Helen.


larry - December 12

I hope this helps your confusion. JJ1, please go back further in your research when I posted info under "kathy". You will see all of the "attacks" when ever good news is posted. I am sure you will find the many nasty posts from Teresa or theresat or what ever her name is now. My 80 year old mother is Helen, so I posted under her name when so much negativity started to fly about the good news posts. The name Helen or Kathy was already taken therefore not open to me as my login when we had to start over with this site after Teresat or theresa and Virg or Virgie and Barbar or Barbara and Deb or Debra was fighting with Theodora and everyone else that posted good info and therefore the moderator had to get involved and made changes to the login procedure.


Amyloo - December 12

But, Larry, I think you said you have been in treatment with Fibro and Fatigue for six years? Or am I confused? This post says your sister just found it and now you are going to check them out too.


larry - December 12

I just started with f&f in September. Almost 6 years ago I had 1/2 my thyroid removed and have been sick ever since. The medical doctors have been puzzled. The alternative or naturalpathic doctors were always right on in their assements but taking herbs for so long wasn't as aggressive as I needed. The medical doctors were always baffled and their test never detected what was wrong until now. The naturalpathis doc told me this 6 years ago. When I found f&F I was delighted as they are very progressive and light years ahead of 90% of the doctors out there. They are te first medical doctors that truly have a intergrative approach to looking at the entire body, finding the cause and healing. They are not stuck at stage 1, addressing symptoms, like most other doctors.


larry - December 12

My twin sister goes to the F&F center in Dallas, I go to the one in Norwalk conn. My twin sister had Epstein Barr 20 years ago and has been sick ever since. She has missed out on alot of her life with her 14 year old son, class reunions, has a husband that doesn't understand, etc. We learned from F&F that there is a genetic component to this and have just found out that I have Epstein Barr as well and My 80 year old mom, Helen, is being tested. SHe has all of the hypothyroidsim, etc but has gone MANY< MANY years undetected by doctors who can't seem to see the whole picture. I picked up 1 paperback book and learned that if you have/had Epstein Barr or have had ANY thyroid issues and are on synthrid then you are now also hypothyroid. It is a shame that more doctors don't get updated as many fibro cases coud have been prevented.



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