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Good Bye to all of the kind people that i have exchanges messeges with over the past year.I wish you all the very best of good health
8 Replies
Debra: The good one. - September 21

Hi: I will not be on this fourm anymore.I wonder if the imposters will stay on here when i go.If you have any problems with anyone harrasing you out here than please e-mail the monitor of this site.Im sorry and i feel sad that i have to go,but some of you have played way to many games with me making people think that i'm crazy and that i cutup anyone and everyone up.If you cut me up for no reason then of course i will get pissed off at you,just like everyone else out here.We are all human.I hope that they catch the person/persons that did this to me.Its pretty bad that you cant even have a peace full moment out here to share your thoughts, experences and pain of your fibromyalgia.I really do wish all of you the best of happiness,good health and the strenght to get through your illness.God bless each and every one of you,even the ones that distroyed my name out here.Take Good Care....Always Debra.


lies lies lies... - September 16

she is still at it folks.... she will NEVER stop.


NONO - September 16



Lynne - September 16

Debra what a shame this site has become a joke. You are always welcome to join us over at my site think about it.


Jane - September 16

This site is NOT a joke.... posts like this are!


Teddy - September 17

Well internet bible thumpers, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get real here. Debra hovers over her keyboard, her head half cocked with a shit eating grin as she types lie after lie. She needs to pack her bags out of this forum and return to the 'Liar's Anonymous' forum and pick up where she left off. Psycho


Zzzzzzzzzzz - September 21

Name: donna | Date: August 17, 2006, 11:45 am
Answer: are some of you people not smart enough to realize that it was not Debra? Do you not realize anyone can type any name in? I've had enough of the people on this site blaming someone for something they did not do. Moving on..


donna - September 21

here it is again! whoever you are stop pulling my old post up & using it out of context. I did said that a month ago, but clearly I have changed my mind after your swearing & cursing at me.... keep my name out of your insane meanderings. You have an illness my dear & it ain't fibromyalgia.


Ginny - September 21

Donna, don't let her upset you dear. She is just a crazy person. I think she is half out of her mind. If only she would do what she promised us here and finally leave. God bless.



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