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going to dr with list of symptoms hoping for diagnosis
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cat1983 - March 14

I'm hoping to get an earlier appointment so I can get the results my Rheumatoid arthritis test.
I have written down all of my symptoms and things that have changed since this started:
Pain in 4 quardents of my body,
tired but carnt sleep properly at night,
no appitite,
weight loss,
smells turn my stomach,
shortness of breath and exhausted with the slightest of activity,
little muscle twiches when I'm relaxed,
low blood pressure,
low blood sugar,
occasionally unsteady in feet,
no attention span,
forget wot I'm doing or saying,
skin hurts to touch in places,
excruciatingly painfull when showering,
sore patches on tongue,
stiffer in the morning,
hearing goes funny sort of muffled,
sweat when skin is cold,
often feel cold,
hands and feet are cold but used to be hot,
weakness carnt even lift the kettle,
takes ages and is exhausting to put clothes on,
crying over nothing,
things taste different,
nausea a lot of the time.
If u have any suggestions on what i can do please let me know.


Cher0208 - March 14

Hi Cat1983,

I have the a lot of symptoms in common with you. But these I don't have:

no appetite,
weight loss,
low blood sugar,
skin hurts to touch in places,
excruciatingly painful when showering,
sore patches on tongue,
hearing goes funny sort of muffled,
sweat when skin is cold,
things taste different,

Keep in mind there are so many symptoms associated with fibro. Like my vision can get very blurry for days at a time and then return to normal for a long time. Good luck with the rheumatologist and keep us posted. Its great that you wrote it all down. Hopefully that will help the doctor. For me daily stretching/exercising, eating whole unprocessed and unfrozen foods, getting 8-9 hours of sleep(very important that there is no light on, I sleep with an eye mask to block out light. This helps you to have deep sleep) and a little meditation makes a WORLD of a difference. Don't get me wrong I fall off the wagon all the time and then all these weird symptoms come back. I keep asking myself if I know what makes me feel better how do I slip up so much? Take care.


cat1983 - March 14

Cher0208 thankyou for your advice.

I have tried to keep my diet simple and fresh.

I have got a hospital appointment tomorrow morning so I'm hoping they will have the results of my rheumatoid arthritis test and hopefully some answers.

My hospital doctor who is doing all the tests hasn't mentioned fibromyalgia but my gp who is treating me for the pain said she believes it is so I'm going to mention it tomorrow and hope all the horrible tests can come to an end as every test, blood test, xray and ct scan have come back clear, negative and no changes or abnormalities. I actually find myself jealous of everyone on this site cos they have a diagnosis and are able to start the available treatment but I'm stuck no knowing what to do to stop the pain and feeling more depressed and withdrawn by the day. I'm 28 and apart from doctor or hospital appointments iv not left the house since christmas I just need help and answers.



January - March 15

Just a suggestion. Your list of symptoms sounds to me like you need to learn about chronic fatigue, gluten and viral illnesses. Ask your doctors about these options.

Google for information and look at some other support groups online that deal with things like:

Epstein Barr virus
Mycoplasma infections
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and XMRV
Lyme Disease
Neurodegenerative disease
Mitochondrial disease

Also, get checked for food allergies, especially gluten.

In my opinion, getting a fibro "diagnosis" doesn't mean much except that the dr. has ruled out whatever he thought to test you for, and you have had pain and fatigue for a while. If they can't find a specific disease to pin on you, you may get dumped into the "fibro" bag - I think this includes several different diseases, which explains why different things work for different people.

Before you start on the "usual fibro drugs," do some research about side effects - read the forums, and make sure you know what you're getting into. Get to know your pharmacist (not the clerk) really well! Different drugs have different side effects, so everything is a trade off. My pharmacist is a brainiac and a wonderful resource!

Common fibro drugs include anti-seizure drugs for nerve pain; anti-depressants; narcotic pain relievers; sleep medications; tranquilizers. (I have a theory that maybe some of us have a mycoplasma or a viral illness and to cure that, we will need new, targeted drugs!) It's important not to overload your kidneys and liver with drugs if you don't absolutely need them. Some of these drugs make you feel awful at first, and are pretty hard to stop taking once you start. See if you can find dietary supplements and natural treatments to assist your body's natural process. For example, I take Melatonin - which is a natural supplement - for sleep, and if I need it, some sleeping medication, low dose.

The best thing you can do is get a LOT of rest, treat your pain, and support your body with good, clean, simple diet (no processed food!) and low stress. There are a number of supplements that can help with your energy level too. If you google "nootropic supplements" and go to the wikipedia page, there is a long list of supplements that help with energy, depending on what is wrong with your body. Of course, check with your doctors.

Right now you are sick, so take good care of yourself and let your body heal as much as you can. This is a great site, you'll find a lot of information from people with all different kinds of experiences. Different things work for different people, so you have to find what fits your situation. You CAN get better!



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